Rizer metal Hop Up & Muzzle for SCAR V2?

Hi Folks,
currently I am running the DKJ8S 3D Printed hopup on my stock SCAR V2, which Chronos at 243.8fps after a full mag and is quite accurate with deent reach. Warranty is almost up so I am in the process of planning some upgrades.

I run my SCAR with no barrel extension as I like it compact, so when considering replacing the inner barrel with an alloy barrel the question of length came up in relation to making the barrel a little longer so I could fit a rizer metal hop up but what muzzle are people fitting to the scar to accomodate the rizer hop up ?

On My AK the muzzle fits over the Rizer once fited & prevents it from being knocked/moving or falling out, any suggestions on what I can do to the Scar to allow fitting the metal Rizer & hiding it/keeping it secure behind a muzzle that will fit ?

wow no takers ? with how popular the SCAR is I thought a few people would have an answer for me :wink:

I used this to go over my metal Rizer hop-up on my JM Gen8. It attaches to my non-threaded 19mm outer barrel with 2 grub screws. I am guessing there is something similar for outer barrels with 14mm CCW thread. Happy to provide pics of my gen 8 when i get home if you are interested?

The metal rizer hop-up has a 16mm outside diameter (from memory) so any flash hider/muzzle with an inside diameter of 16mm or more should fit fine. You then have to be sure it attaches to your outer barrel correctly (ie. with grub screws or thread).

PS. how do you embed pictures in your post, rather than linking to them?

I presume you’re talking about a picture on a webpage as that was what your link was to.
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I like the look of that, do you have the link to the product page on tac edge ? I had a look through the external mods but the closest one i can find to your picture is this:

NM I think i found it, searching flash shows a bunch of them where clicking on the external upgrade menu item did not. GHOST FLASH HIDER WITH THREAD

By all means please do post your build :slight_smile:

Here is the link to the page…

I actually bought mine from an ebay store called low key store or something like that but I’m quite sure it’s the same. It might be worth checking with tac edge that it will fit 19mm non threaded barrel (if that’s what you got) because the title and description are a bit confusing… title says with thread but description says for 19mm outer barrel.

I have had the same issue with finding items on tac edge site. I always use search function, not the menu items.

I will get pics of my setup for you hopefully tonight.

You’ll have to zoom in, but the pic below hopefully gives you an idea of how it will look.

Nice, thanks for that. I know the plastic muzzle that comes with the JM SCAR V2 is identical to the one that comes with JM Gen 8 M4 so hopefully it fits.

yeah the plastic muzzle/flash hider will fit over the rizer. I had that setup before going with the ghost flash hider.