ROGBO1 GBB , form Rosie’s gel blasters

Hi , any one out their has purchased a army action ROGBO1 ASSASSIN, HOW ISIT .

The name is stupid. They are the AAP-01. They were just imported recently. They are way overpriced. You can get them for 450 est. At xforce when they come out.

No one actually has one that I am aware of, so cannot say if they are good or not.

saw one running on hpa with the poseidon adapter they seem to go alright

so from what it sounds the mob that are doing the conversion of the AAP-01 is more or less re-branding them to this R0GB01 nonsense, didn’t get the full story as to why but :man_shrugging:. Might be covered when Vas does a video on them idk.

I got to shoot one at X-force and they are nice, being a polymer body and frame they’re very light and snappy yet still feel sturdy, they fit the DB glock mags but they hadn’t tried WT mags when I was there. the full auto is nice and works, thou you WILL need a bigger mag as the 14 shots are gone in one trigger pull. It was commented that they seem to prefer fresh gels out of the water as they found even 2 day old gels would start breaking, which is a bit odd.
It’s a 7.5mm IB, not sure what kind of barrel it is and how hard it would be to swap for a tighter one, and supposedly when they tried it with a BiFrost it actually “silenced” it which would be interesting if that is the case, make a suppressor actually a function rather than a form

I think this might be my next purchase, even at $400 I’m already into it’s looks and modularity.

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I hope to get to do the video this week guys, sorry we been flat out in the shop and I got 2 guys on holidays. But the pistols are nice I’m just not happy with the name as it was brought in by another retailer. But I’m hoping to get them back to AAP01 for the next batch. Also don’t like the 7.4mm inner barrel, I don’t understand the logic of it. So I’m trying to get that changed. But overall this pistol is pretty sweet and heaps of parts and upgrades for it, plus being able to use Double bell, We tech and AW glock mags is a big bonus. Ohh and a drum mag is in the works apparently for gel.


Noice, can imagine these things going BRRRRRT with a drum mag, use and entire fill of gas in one mag :rofl:

@Vas_Opr any updates on the AAP-01 front? Don’t want to be pushy or anything, just love to get my hands on a proper one.

what you after? The cnc bits? or the sights?

Oh I meant the whole thing in general really, thought you were going to try and desk with Action Army directly sorta thing.

Yeah but this is not a quick fix to get them made will take a few months. I don’t expect anything before May to be honest.

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Oof ok, that’s understandable, guess it gives me a good amount of time to save up and get a free extra bits, maybe one of them drum mags :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah they are working on them now, I’m told so hopefully we could see em all land at the same time.