Rookie Error Help!

Ok, feel free to hang shit on me, I made the rookie error of trying to pull apart my m97 out of curiosity.

Aaaannnddd… Now I can’t get it back together.

Wanting to salvage at least some of my pride and not have to take it to a technician if possible.

So… does anyone have a manual or instruction book that’s in English?

Or if there’s anyone on here that could reassemble for a free hopper fed auto glock and two 600ml bottles of ready to use orange gels that’d be awesome

There might be some disassemble /reassemble vids on youtube

Thanks mate, had a look on YouTube pretty much just reviews and mods. I want to reassemble mine to how it was

Low Guido did a tear down in his review.


Thanks mate, will have a look, hopefully it’ll help

Very informative thanks mate!

Mistakes and errors are how people learn [= long as you learn by the mistake


Good to hear. Low guidos chop shop has some awesome content. Have learnt a lot from watching


Mate, I’ve learnt from it. Now have to find a way to get a new hopper cut off and spring. Anyone have any suggestions? I don’t care if I have to get them 3D printed I just need the gels to not roll back into the action when I pump it

Have reassembled, now short a couple of parts.

The take away from this experience:

Check out YouTube and have a clean working area before pulling anything apart.

Also, magnetic objects are great for holding small metal parts like screws and springs.

And photos,take lots of photos :+1:

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I’ve pretty much committed all of it to memory, already rebuilt, pulled apart and rebuilt again this morning after realising that I was missing those 2 parts, probably somewhere in the pigsty of a car that I have at the moment…

The first thing I do when I get a new blaster is tear it down, check it out and put it back together again… maybe not to the point of completely dismantling the gearbox, but definitely to the point where the box is out of the receiver. You’re going to have to service your blaster regularly anyway, might as well get stuck in. :blush:

Hands on is the best way to learn. It’s also good practice to ensure that it’s been built right in the factory to start with. Oh, and use lots of lube, schmoo, gack, whatever you want to call it.

The more blasters you take down, the easier and less intimidating it gets. :+1: