Rotary tool with flex

Presently at bunnings

Likely a decent entry level investment


I have one in the shed and Ryobi in the garage. Works equally well. So it’s better than expected.
Just don’t get the cordless version which has chuck directly on the motor shaft.

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Crap! I’m in the big smoke chasing Hot Rod parts…there’s a Bunnings across the road :confused:
You pricks are bad enough influence with gelblasters let alone getting sidetracked with tools and equipment :roll_eyes:
I could almost buy another CYMA at that price :joy:
Can always write it off to the business :thinking:


With a wand, rotary tools are magic

And a tax writeoff for you


You are still all a pack of arseholes!
I suppose it could be a handy addition to the “Hot Rod Workshop “ as far as the Tax Man is concerned :thinking:
Would you believe that I am putting all of these bloody things and associated parts through as “Pest/Vermin” control :grin:

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So much abuse, and Hamish was careful to not mention the AKs on special in aisle 12.
Tsk! Tsk!


I have the same, been running fine for about 4 years now.

I WAS NOT going to mention anything about that russian blokes invention in at least one single thread on this forum :roll_eyes:

There’s a shot for your condition.
The A Kay vaccine…


I have Doctors Notes specifically acknowledging my natural intolerance to Vitamin K :open_mouth:
I ain’t risking it!