Rowsfire buying experiences?

Hey i was woundering if any of you guys had a similar issue. So its been a little over 3 weeks since I ordered from rowsfire and the tracking still says it hasn’t left country of origin (China) i messaged the seller and he said that sometimes the tracking never updates. Has this happen to anyone else and should I be just expecting it to rock up without warning?

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I have like 20 things sitting at various parts of China for weeks waiting on departure :man_facepalming:t4:

I just order form Europe now and pay extra for DHL 5 days wait :+1:t4:


What sites do you purchase from

At the mo powair6


Mine took about 6 weeks to update that it entered the country then another 2 weeks to deliver to my house (assuming customs and auspost shenanigans)

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I had that with Rowsfire too. I contacted via my Ali Express account and they checked as well. Told me the same thing. Sure enough 23 days I think it was and I had my new MOSFET, but the tracking hadn’t changed.

Alright that has given me faith then. Cheers @Spartan19

I still don’t trust Auspost, they have lost more of my stuff than anyone, and ABF, they only seem to make laws unto themselves. Keep the faith and be patient, this latest outbreak will have slowed us right down now.

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I’ve been doing the DHL thing with them. I have 4x Mosfet’s enroute right now. I msg’d them on day 2 since I saw no activity on the order. Took them a day to respond.