RV2 & other hop-ups- alignment tool

I think this one may cause some controversy. Please refer to photos in oops, very tired. (APS PER MK8).
Re: Phantom mk8, gen 9 M4a1, mpx? Titan, etc with ( and anything running a 7.3mm/9.5 SS CHGBB barrel, or others. Cheers J. W.
Or just mod it to your own specs for your barrel & hopup. OR NOT!! (Although hopup should not change too much).

Sorry everyone for all the crap pics
Most of my blasters are 100km away at present. Hence bad & limited pics.
So, i think I’ll cop some sht on this one!!
Refer to the thread on…mmmm, v2 rizer mods/tapping.
Also, lets get the sh
t on.
So…yes, tool that is 7.25mm to fit a 7.3mm barrel.
Then slides in to a 7.3mm.
There’s a screw in the end to retrieve the tool once the hopup has been installed, and then straightened to the perfect position possible.
Sugesstion, put a little tape around it to protect ya stuff. Oooooor dont!! Barrel i mean .

Put your V2 on the fat end.
Insert the thin end into your 7.3mm, or whatever.
Align it all perfectly straight (this is what the tool is for).
Remember, the longer the guide, the straighter the fit.
Tighten that fkr up with the grub screws. Or whatever is going on with your sh*t.
Remove tool with the screw.
Adjust your hopup/ then the rest is up to you.
Whooo…no more whisky, bed.
Sorry…pics are coming. Too tired to seg.
So ill just do a series. Hope you all get a good view.
Have a good week everyone.
Ok . Pics.

Teaser…can i do it???