RX AKM 47 gearbox and trigger 101

Hi. I did a blackout for my RX AKM 47, but have done something wrong putting it back together - trigger doesn’t engage the gears and it’s all very confusing.

Is anyone familiar enough with the RX AKM 47 to tell me what I’ve done wrong or to show some pictures of how it should look? I’d be eternally grateful, can’t seem to find the right stuff online.

Pull the spring and retainer

Rotate the crown gear and see how it goes

From a cursory, it looks ok. There is a blank but in the drive gear deliberately to allow the plunger to return without being gear engaged

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The last gear (with half the teeth missing) should be just starting the teeth to engage with the ladder under the piston… turn that last gear anti clockwise so it is just engaging when the piston is ‘home’

Look on the intertubes for Guido’s videos on pulling down and putting gearboxes back together… That is how I leaned

this vid is good :+1: look for his others too…

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Legend, thank you so much.