RX AKM 47 - i'm a bit disappointed

so i have an early model, fixed all the issues and then decided to put in the nylon box

the stock piston ladder is junk so ordered a replacement - its considerably better but…

new nylon box, reasonable but generic 1.3mm spring, dropped in the original metal gears and a nice bearing spring retainer

stock motor wasn’t enough to turn it over wtf? so dropped in SHS HT

sweet as right…first squeeze, amps are way up there 18-ish, could be legit…

but first sustained squeeze…pulled a sector bearing out which appears to have melted the recess it sits in and ripped the last tooth off the plunger ladder…(inadvertant short stroking…hahaha)

the bearing is because the nylon gearbox shell flexed

when it did cycle for those first few time…noice…but…here we go again

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Can you get metal gearboxes for the RX AKs? I know upgrade parts aren’t thick on the ground…

See, it’s tales of woe and grief like this that make me nervous about some upgrades I’m considering for my gear. :wink:

I thought owning and running boats was a bottomless moneypit… now I’m into these things… sheesh! :joy:

Hope you get it sorted to your satisfaction and it’s a monster, zeHamish. :+1:

no metal for the rx ak that i’m aware of…but i want

the reality here is that the rx ak metal gears in the stock box are sans shims and in my excitement to finally have it running again i didn’t bother with a base build with all the checks and balances

and assumed…making an ass out of me…that shims would still be optional

the nylon box has allot more flex in it than the acrylic one so…bit of a gotcha.

i am surprised to have ripped the last tooth off the ladder though

not sure what my bearing recess fix will be…build it up somehow, shim out and risk increased current draw and more heat…pondering…pondering…

maybe, by the all metal one but aps…cast…


Get your wallet out Hamish…laughing%20(1)

Open the black hole…

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This is @zeHamish wallet :grin:



I’d just epoxy in a bush and pray for longevity

Oi… I have 31c…

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Epoxy isn’t my go-to but we’re on the same page

If you do go down that road use the 24hr stuff not 5min as it cures much better.

at the moment i’m thinking PE might be a better glue

it has better adherence and is less shock sensitive

Would you have to same issue with PE being too pliable?

That’s the gamble isn’t it

Maybe epoxy putty would work… the stuff you knead together.

I snapped a footpeg on a motorbike, repaired it with epoxy putty and it took my weight, no problem. Apparently you can drill and tap it, so it must be strong. It’s hard stuff to file, I can tell you that.

I have some in plastic and metal

A key challenge for me will be the small working area

I’m not going to rush any repair option.

I’ll probably put a smaller spring into it though