RX AKM 47 issue

Hey guys.

I recently picked up an AKM 47. Metal gear 11.1v version. Alloy barrel as standard. The power is great but it literally sprays gels everywhere. Some left some right some up some down. The odd one even goes straight. Tried different gels and all the same result. For $270 I expected better. Any ideas why this might be happening or any suggestions for an accuracy correction

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Thats normal for most stock blasters.
Get hold of a good quality hop up :+1:

Thank you. Put it this way…you’d be lucky to hit a target the size of a fridge at 20mt. The gen 8 I have while not as powerful is pretty accurate. Do hop ups actually increase accuracy or just distance?

They definitely increase accuracy and on blasters up to 300fps the can make them very accurate, they take a little bit of learning to adjust correctly but it’s part of the fun learning experience :+1:
And one reason the gen8 may be better is because it’s slower.

The reason gels fly everywhere but straight is due to the fact that spheres have very poor aerodynamic qualities. ANY sort of turbulence in the air (wind, temp differentiation) even the actual friction of the air itself will cause the Gel to behave erratically. A hop up uses friction forced upon the top side of the Gel as it exits the barrel to create a back spin on the sphere. This is called the Magnus Effect. It basically allows the Gel to ‘cut’ through the air far more efficiently giving it a straighter path. Real metal firearms have rifling in their barrels to give the projectile a spiralling effect to ensure the ■■■■■■ cuts through the air correctly too but the difference being that our gels are spheres and ■■■■■■■ are shaped like well ■■■■■■■. Now, something I’ve genuinely been curious to know. Would rifling a gel blaster barrel have any effect? Apparently rifled barrels do actually exist within the AS community and apparently, they do seem to work, conjecture. But not in the same manner as a real steel firearm. An actual firearms rifling grips (for lack of a better word) the projectile creating friction on the projectile giving it the spiralling effect. In AS the rifling provides some sort of air cushion and that cushion helps to displace the inevitable turbulence that the BB will encounter as soon as it leaves the barrel. Please be aware though AS blasters (is blasters what they call them?) usually have a substantially higher FPS rate than our gel blasters so rifling on a gel blaster may or may not have any effect. At some stage I am going to take an alloy barrel to a ■■■ shop to see if it can be rifled to make some sort of comparison to a non rifled, hop up only barrel. Please understand I am not an aerodynamics engineer or scientist, I am simply reiterating and interpreting information I have garnered from reading stuff. So essentially this is info anyone is able to procure. Apologies for the long winded reply…

So being my first post it is abundantly clear now that certain words are deliberately omitted once posted. Understood GBF. My apologies.

Just thought I’d point out that I may have mixed up information I’ve read (as there is a lot of different information available regarding Magnus Effect, rifling etc.) so if I’ve gotten anything wrong in my post please point it out. I’m certainly not above admitting I’m wrong as this is how I learn.

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Hi @Farmercyst
I don’t want to be too critical but your post is full of misinformation :wink:

The gell has to leave the barrel with back spin at 12 o’clock rolling backwards towards user so it risers on its path. If it leaves with the back spin at any other angle it will then shoot off in that direction. Turn you hop up 90 deg left or right and that is what i mean.
Rifling works on real steel because the projectile is not round, weighs a lot more than 0.2g and is travelling a lot faster. AS has been around for a long time. Im sure if it was going to work the AS community or manufacturers would have come up with a rifled barrel a long time a go

Hi Juzzy… Welcome

If you have a 2S battery, try it with that and see if it improves or not

What spring is in it do you know? Sometimes a blaster can achieve too many FPS and start to send gels everywhere… slowing the FPS a tad can make them go back down to a more accurate velocity. Many people try to achieve the greatest possible FPS (spring) and ROF (11.1v battery)… when sometimes, less is more icon_e_confused

Also, what id is the barrel and what gels are you using? The cr@ppy gels that come with blasters are usually pretty feeble… measure the barrel id and buy some good gels like war interest heavy milkies, or gold packet milkies, depending on barrel id…

Have fun :grin: and don’t expect too much as our toys are… well, toys after all :sunglasses:

Thank you all for the replies and welcomes

The blaster is a standard RX AKM47. It’s the metal gear version and has a alloy barrel as standard. I’ve read somewhere it is 7.25 ID but could be wrong. I’ve used milkies from tac toys and the orange stingers from Tactical edge (the ones they recommend in the blaster). Could understand if they consistently banked left or right but on full auto they are hooking every which way after about the 10 mt mark. That said I can hit a fence 31 mt away while aiming straight (not arcing up for extra distance) so I’m assuming it has a fair punch as standard. I’d hate to lose the punch but as is it’s almost useless. The retailer has asked me to send it back for then to inspect but would like to try any other options first

Mate it is common for the gels to go every which way and not just all hooking one way.
You want consistent gels and a hop up.
Differing size gel will cause the very bad accuracy with no hop up.
If you don’t have a way to measure the barrel id just put a gel in the end of the barrel and make sure they are nice fit , you want them to not roll down the barrel easily and not be a tight fit.

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As Rattler says, try a hop up.

Also, have a look on google about the ‘Magnus effect’ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnus_effect

It will explain how a round ball/gel is affected by whether it spins or not and wheter it spins backwards or forwards or even to the sides. As Rattler says, a hop up will make all of the gels (if correctly set up) back spin the same-ish constantly, rather than some spinning backwards, some not spinning at all and some spinning forwards…

Our blasters can never be expected to be (sight) accurate … but with a hop up we can make the gels go in a more predictable and constant path.

With a properly set up hop up, the gel should exit the muzzle level, travel maybe 15m then climb quite noticeably, then drop in a typical arc. Without a hop up, the blaster will generally have to be aimed higher to get more distance… and gels leaving the muzzle will generally follow an arc from the time it leaves until it hits the ground…

Hopefully my diagram explains it a bit better

read up on the magnus effect and you will understand more…:nerd_face::+1:

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Matt, I have several rifled black powder revulvas that sho0ot .45 round balls… over 25m these are my most accurate hand g*ns. They are far more accurate than my .22 S-auto and my 9mm G-lock. Even a round ball travelling whilst spinning on its horizontal axis (like an American foot ball) will go further and straighter than a ball not spinning or spinning randomly.

Farmer… the rifling works by cutting into and yes, gripping the lead… we have discussed rifling gel blaster barrels, but the gels being somewhat slimy and squishy (able to deform easily) would not be able to grip rifling unless it was deep enough and sharp enough to engage the gel… which would likely cut the gel. Also, a lead ball has to be forced down the barrel that is too tight for the ball to be pushed thru… (which makes it engage the rifling)… a gel ball has to be just the right size or slightly smaller than the barrel id… or it will either fall out of the end of the barrel onto the ground… or not go far… as the gels mass is so low, it has very little inertia when dragging down a tight barrel…

You can try some sort of rifling… I for one would like to see the results :+1::sunglasses:

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Read what I said. i didn’t say it wouldn’t work on real steel. Gels are squishy, very light and don’t travel fast. I have no doubt it will work on a round object if it’s heavy enough, doesn’t deform and travels fast.
Gels just don’t go fast enough or have enough inertia for rifling to work.
Like I said. AS has been around for ages and I am sure the manufactures would have come up with a rifled barrel for AS if it was going to work.

Also, an American football is not round.

The reference to American footballs is only to describe a gel rotating around it’s horizontal axis… besides, everyone knows American footballs are elongated troglozoid rhomnoids…boink lie%20emo rofl

Hmmmm. Dang. Seems I’ve got to start sorting through the BS more thoroughly. Sorry everyone if I’ve misled you.

when you have as much experience as rattler playing with balls, you will be set. :grin:


Got my gen 8 up and running again and this really puts how bad the AK is into perspective. A target 10-12 mt away in the middle of a standard height fence. The gen8 hits the target every time. Target is the size of a standard microwave. The AK only hit it once out of a full clip. Gels flying OVER the fence and even hitting the ground. That’s the spread I’m talking about.

If you feel there is something wrong with it and you are not confident with the set up, it might be best to return to the retailer.
I have a stock nylon gear version and a hop up that is still new in the box , if I get a chance in the next few days I will run it and let you know how it performs with and without the hop up.
It may be completely different to the metal gear version but let’s see.

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Thanks mate. Sending it back tomorrow but wiukd be good to see your results