RX AKM47 V2 vs V3

Just bought what was advertised as a v3
However when it arrived I noticed the mag is plastic not metal, which was supposed to be metal for a v3

Anyone know all the differences between a v2 and 3?

The one I’ve received has the 11.1v battery and no blue parts but haven’t taken apart yet to have a look at gears

It’s performance is actually disappointing too, similar to my old stock gen 8

Get onto them and ask why you didn’t get what was advertised.
It basically is a gen 8 so what were you expecting?

The V3 version of the AKM comes standard with a nylon gearbox shell, bushings and an upgraded piston rack gear which fix the previous issues the v1 and v2 versions had.
Plus metal gears, metal outer barrel and a revised nylon sight block. It also comes with an 11.1v battery

The only place I could find advertising it with a metsl mag was Renegade Blasters ?

Bought it via these guys on eBay

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Yeah send them a message asking where the metal mag is ?

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If you paid using PayPal… let them know you are happy to bring PP into the argument … usually gets things moving along :+1:

Their reply basically said the manufacturers were meant to include metal mags
But for some reason they sometimes just supply plastic ones
And they had no way of knowing what was in the box

They offered me a metal mag for it for $30…
Shithouse if you ask me

Should just send me a metal mag if they have them in stock

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Fair would be for them to send you a metal mag… and you pay them for the plastic mag (or send it back)

If the ad you purchased from said it has a metal mag, then you want a metal mag!

If they don’t know whether the box contains a metal mag or not, then they need to either find out… or say in the ad you MIGHT get a metal mag in the ad… There is no in-between062802beat_prv