RX Desert Eagle mod

Hiya all, i know its been awhile but hey good things come late right?

So i did a trade in for a 249 and a rx deagle, and im loving it.
So much so i have already customized a threaded outer barrel for my deagle and the results are exquisite.

Made from stainless and threaded with a left hand thread it will take any threaded suppressor or silencer you can buy anywhere currently

I reckon this beats the hopup addon you can buy, i mean cmon distance on a deagle its a damn side arm ffs, i blasted a whole 5 man team in cqb at rosewood fields within 30 seconds.


Playing with flutes atm, seeeing what pitch i can gain on the lathe


That looks like one very loved arm chair

I thought this was a blaster fourm, not a arm chair discussion :sunglasses: time for new ones

Once again your spitting out some cool stuff Sam !
At lease if you run out of ammo you can knock them out with that :rofl:

Blockquote [quote=“Sam_D, post:4, topic:2494, full:true”]
I thought this was a blaster fourm, not a arm chair discussion :sunglasses: time for new ones

Is there a reason it can’t be both?

BTW - I used to find using a HSS tool with plenty of fluid helped with the chatter marks when working in brass, also I used to run three times the cutting speed you would on mild steel for the same diameter.

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Tools need to be ground negative for brass :+1:

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The outer barrel was a fairly simple design, reasy to replicate but fk you gotta love stainless, working with it can be painful, hard to thread, the swarf comes off as strings and sharp as hell, but in the end it looks the part. @Rattler if you get an rx deagle and are interested in this design let me know

When they make one that can do over 200fps I will think about it

And S/S needs a sharp positive tool especially 316

I dont think this stainless is 316, it was easier to cut than mild steel, i think its the softer stuff

Prolly 304 but still likes a sharp positive tool as it is sticky

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I was looking at the threaded end you cut in the SS and how grabby it looked (you did an amazing job there!) and was thinking I dont miss working with that stuff, but there is something that just feels so luxurious working in brass though… i miss that

Gotta love the brass


Are you kited out at home or work?

Ive got a mini lathe i brought early this year, its ok for what its worth

@NiCd Its all at home bro

Like one of the Sieg ones?

Yea bro

How do you find it? Did you cut that thread using a die or the gear selections on the autofeed?