RX Desert Eagle Spring

G’day all what spring upgrade is everyone fitting to their Deagle’s ? Wanting to upgrade the ole girl.


Love to see what you get done.
I’ve tried with that brittle gearbox.
Limitations are the offset nozzle and the 280 motor.
Have tested 4 other motors.

Keep an eye out for MAC10 upgrades.
It uses the same gearbox and they may have some improved components.

Thnxs Cruise for the reply, knowing that I’ll keep a eye on the Mac knowing it runs the same Gbox. I forgot to mention It’s a V3 if that helps.


Not sure what the V3 has different.
The gearbox shape is what limits the choice of motor but tbe same compactness is what allows it to fit a MAC10.
The slider is bulky compared to other blasters with sliders and unlike the others, serves no purpose other than to add more load on the gears. I usually have it locked with the slider spring removed.
I do like it. It sits very comfortability in large hands.