S.A. Save Gel Ball a united front

And legislators won’t take into account minimum engagement distances or bang bang rules, so we have to ensure worst case scenario (point blank) is within that 1J requirement.

Given that information, why doesn’t this same argument apply to air soft? The amount it slows down over distance should be irrelevant information.

Knives top the Homicide list by far & while we have seen increased regulation on collectors (restrictions on double edge, butterfly knives, bayonettes etc) the restrictions are on weapons not used in these crimes and have been put in place because of a perceived danger.

Pretty much just like what is happening with Gel blasters right now. Public perception is super important otherwise you get more people afraid because of ignorant fear mongering assholes like this:

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what date is that from ? obviously the ACCC changed the standards I think 26th June ?

so 300 fps at point blank is how many Joules ?

I posted this in the other thread but never reposted it here.

As I understand it the MCPEM is the body that replaced the APMC (Australasian Police Ministers’ Council) who met in 1996 and cooked up the grossly over restrictive National Firearms Agreement we have today… The same governing body that decided paintball markers were category A firearms…

For those not on facebook @Spartan19 and whoever else (maybe someone can make me a list of yall so I can tag you all into these posts direct) SAGA - South Australian Gelball Association has put out a call for Photos as below.

SAGA - South Australian Gelball Association added 4 new photos to the album Our Community.

30 June at 11:34 ·

To Our Community, our Friends, our Families,
We say Thank you for your support and patience as we all navigate through the next few months together.

let’s keep the happy vibe going , send us through your family friendly group pictures at your favorite field and every day we’ll add more to the album…

So if you have Photos you wish to contribute (Particularly Family type or inter generational shots) then please post them here (doesn’t matter even if your not from SA really) or PM them to me I guess if you don’t want them publicly displayed on here.

I will then upload them with my FB account for those who wish to contribute.

The idea being to use these positive photos to try and change community perception.

A really, really good thing would be to show a movie or internet series where gel blasters have been used as props, if anyone has thought if that yet.

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Nope but that is a great idea. I am also trying to get some youtube stuff up to explain to the people oblivious to gel blasters what they are all about. The sad thing is i have plenty of blasters but no decent video equipment lol

I mean, these things are brilliant movie props I’m surprised no one has taken advantage yet

I would NOT use the gel blaster as movie props argument. All that is saying is "Hey, these things can be easily mistaken for real firearms.

That’s NOT going to help the cause…

Family photos of father, mother, son, daughter having a fun day out with them WILL help the cause.


Its very sad everything is going to go down hill for gelsoft, I think a blanket rule banning them is the easiest option for them and i hate it every bit.
Do they look like ■■■■, sure i would almost argue they look too much like ■■■■ its not believable, with the exception of pistols who honestly could ever get their hands on a real M4 to run around with in OZ?

As far a dangerous bah, sure fire point blank into someones eye and i’m sure it could blind them but what couldnt do that? do we ban cricket or baseball bats, what about a firearms license if i burn the corners of my toast too much in the morning.
how many people have been killed by a baseball bat compared to a gelblaster?

I think the best way to fight for them is going down an economic one, all the government goes on about is jobs, jobs, jobs. well looks like we will lose a few more with the swipe of a pen.
The pen is deadlier than a blaster here. (both figuratively and literally)

Australia may have been settled as a penal colony but why in 2020 does it still have to feel like one?
This is South Australia the state of the free colonists and to penalise us all because of a few bad eggs is not only a blatant disregard to our opinions and rights to pursue happiness its more outrageously an attack on being South Australian.


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There is a logical solution to this vexed problem, but it would require a Government and SAPOL who are prepared to allow people to make their own informed decisions.

There is no reason whatsoever that a gel blaster toy should ever need to be be banned.

What is required is legislation allowing gel blaster use only on private property that is out of view of the general public. This would allow responsible use in the home or in associated gel blaster businesses.

The legislation would make it illegal to display or use a firearm toy replica gel blaster in any public place. If this occurred or a toy was used to commit any offence it would be treated as if it was a real firearm and the perpetrators fully prosecuted through the criminal justice system.

Penalties would be compulsory fines, and/or community service or mandated jail terms, depending on the severity of the situation. There would be absolutely no leniency, if they ‘do the crime they pay the fine or do the time’.

If children are involved they would be prosecuted in the children’s court and their parents also charged and fined accordingly. Make the penalty as harsh as is necessary to stamp out any misuse.

Legislation like this would allow a legal business to continue to import toys and directly employ people, not to mention those indirectly employed in other related industries such as shipping, customs, transport carriers and repairers etc.

Legislation would be a far more cost effective solution for the Government and SAPOL. with far less red tape and unnecessary rules and regulations intruding into people’s private lives.


I was planning on filming with them in a couple of days for a multimedia project and still do. I suppose you don’t really want to brag about how realistic they are but they are 100% useful for filming not even just for their looks. Shooting water or leaves with them is an excellent practical effect whether that be for photography or film, being shot by one let’s the actor no it’s time to pretend to die and if carried in a bag and swapped for orange tips between takes it means they’re safe if you aren’t a nonse. But I don’t think that is the only other thing gel blasters can serve a purpose for besides milsim/firing at each other. What about martial arts. I know rubber ■■■■ are the usual choice but on many manual gel blaster pistols for example being able to engage the safety, pull back the slide, lock the slide and remove the magazine could be helpful in teaching disarmament. Just like with film they would serve drama too as props. How about art. There are people who love painting these things up not just in militaristic colour schemes so I think there is that too.

Funny you say that, me and my mates were doing that and thought the exact same thing.

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another great thing is that gel balls are bio-degradable,
while some BBs are also bio-degradable,
gels don’t stay in the picture coz they break apart upon impact, not like BBs that’s just everywhere after you shoot

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condoms filled with fake blood (corn syrup & colouring) and fire crackers can be rigged up fairly cheaply & simply to make hollywood style blood squibs. If you can find it have a look at the mini doco on the making of el mariachi, contains a lot of brilliant tips for doing practical realistic effects on a tight budget.

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Thanks for the tip i’ll definetly give it a try.


hmm just gonna drop this here as it was posted up less than an hour ago, not much new content but at least you can see the GBAA is onto this (which BTW Superintendent Stephen Howard , Officer in Charge of Firearms Branch refused to allow Chris to attend the recent meeting between him and some retailers trying to get a list of proposed changes and their concerns at the denial of import permits). Howard said and I am quoting Chris on this “he felt like he was being ambushed and he doesn’t want to deal with anyone from Queensland” which I am pretty sure he doesn’t really have the right to do if a person from QLD has business interests here that is under threat or scrutiny.

From the book of face.

Hi All,

Apologies we have been a little bit quiet on here the last few weeks. There has been a lot happening behind the scenes, particularly within SA, with once again, police demonstrating that they are out of touch with actual legislation and regulation by making up the rules as they go along. Thanks again to Peter Clark from Tactical Edge Hobbies, our President, for providing the industry support and professional consultation as always behind the scenes, as well as our rival associations and SA based retailers.

Unfortunately the regulatory misinformation is also being passed along to politicians that are clearly more interested in protecting their position than understanding an emerging market segment and actually helping the SA small business owners that this is impacting.

As always, the message we want them to understand is that it is impossible to successfully regulate any industry in a sustainable matter without consulting the small business owners, the players and key stakeholders such as us, that know this industry better than anyone.
So really lets use this as a gentle reminder to regulate ineffective government and public servants, hold your local members accountable and keep count of the issues that matter to you and what they support, because that’s our opportunity to effect change.

To the politicians and police following this page, we offer an open conversation any time you want.

Chris Sinclair

I can’t stress enough that if you restrict where gel blasters are used, a lot of people will not buy them as gel blasters are bought to use with friends. Not everyone has room at their house to use gel blasters with their friends, and not everyone can use them at a field as they are only open certain hours.

Restricting where gel blasters can be used, is restricting when gel blasters can be used, which is a very, very bad idea.

The way to win the Liberals over is to hit them in the economic pocket. The letter from the Queensland Liberals says that 15,000 blasters are sold each month, so perhaps you could get some monetary figures from the major retailers and hit them up with that, telling them that they will lose all of that tax revenue.