S&T Gears worth the effort

What’s the opinion on S&T gears ? I have a set to put into a singularity Gbox for a Gen 8 Build.

Cheers WhiteYeti.

honestly your the first person I’ve seen ask about that brand of gears. one of the other guys might be able to shed more light on it. but from my experience and many others I’ve spoken to SHS and lonex will never seas to impress

I will be getting a set of SHS gears, it would be a shame not to use them if they of reasonable quality. They are just sitting there doing nothing.

well if u do use the s&t let me know how they run. maybe try both C which you prefer

Never heard of them. Post up a pic and supply link when you get a chance mate. I’ve used Fighting Bro, Lonex, SHS, and the cheap crap. So keen to see what they look like.

Here are the pics of the gears.

those look like aftermarket SHS set for gem8

What are the Fighting Bro ones like? I’ve got some gear from them on order from a while back (haven’t received them yet), but was shattered to hear @LowGuido talking smack about their stuff - except for a t-piece that they make. I think I ordered gears, cylinder and head, piston, tappet plate and nozzle. I’ve also had some SHS gears lying around which I’m yet to install in anything… they okay for more demanding builds, too?