SA 80 gel blaster

Hey from the UK

Has anyone seen any blasters based on the SA 80, it’s my favourite rifle and would live to pick on up.

Ah no :fu: What part of UK are you from cock?

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ahh ok was just wondering, thinking of custom building my own, was just seeing if there was a base i could start off with.

And I’m from Kent.

Right no worries. No there is no L85 lookalike.

I have family in Dorchester…

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MST are still supposed to be releasing an L85A1 “this year”.

Otherwise there was an old (possibly manual) version years ago.

Here you go, start off with this as a base…

Thanks @Arty_Marty, that looks like the perfect base to start off from, and @Gels I shall keep my eye out for the MST if they ever get round to releasing it and couldn’t find the manual version anywhere.

No problem. They are fast to deliver, got one of those last month in about 7 days… The shell is nice hard nylon. :ok_hand:
Make sure you post progress pics of your build :wink: