Say hello, to the Worlds First GELSOFT Aliens Pulse Rifle...!

Well, where to begin?
Its been a long process for all involved, but it’s finally here.

HUGE shout out to Ray, the tech, at Xforce North Lakes.

He was the sole person who touched, and assembled this, and it could not have found its way into better hands. He is an awesome tech, model builder and painter, and OCD (in the best possible way) for optimum results. Exactly the person you want , to tackle a job like this. There were many mods required, cleaning up the casting, 3d printing, cutting the mag down etc, I simply didnt have the knowledge and skill to do.

He Does.

I wont do a full run through tonight, just a quick run over…


lets briefly talk perfomance.
its inadvertently insane…
This is from a M100 spring…

The reason for this is, the thompson gearbox was a nylon shell
To protect the gearbox, I was wanting to go for perfomance around the 310 fps mark, for reliability and longevity. We ended up using a M100 spring.

The barrel , ultimately substituted, was a double bell barrel, as it had to fit inside the pulse rifle kit outer barrel, to incorporate the shot counter. The original thompson barrel is short, the double bell is much longer, JUST fit inside the outer kit barrel, and was cut to size to incorporate the shot countdown ( yes, it works).

The magic combo of right barrel length , fantastic air sealing, produces results that speak for themselves.
As an added benefit,being a very intimate fit, the outer barrel stabilizes the inner barrel, and prevents it from vibrating / moving…result…a VERY accurate / good grouping ( for gelsoft) blaster…

Trying for 310, ending up with 350+ fps…


Sexy. Would be perfect for a Halloween game.

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Obviously, that high ROF, coupled with a cut down mag, see’s it empty quite quickly.
The grenade pump is very tight ( Good), so it doesnt slop around.
Likewise the rear stock is also very tight, which is a good thing.
It has a dummy shotgun shell, in the grenade launcher, just like the snow wolf asoft version.

I reckon this is the worlds first Gelsoft PR, there obviously were many G&P kits sold years ago, but they are now pretty much gone. This would have to be the first gelsoft thommy, made into a PR kit, anywhere in the world , i’d reckon… :grin: :grin:

Thats enough for me ,for now…i wanna take it outside, while there is still daylight…
Full build log to come later, for those interested…


How much does that sucker weigh? Looks solid.

I dont have scales here to weigh it, but i reckon around 3.5 kgs.
Kit looks big, but is ABS plastic, so not too heavy.
Thompsons guts small, and light.

Not as heavy as a full metal M1.
Not creaky either, Ray used Hot Glue to remove flexing /creaking… :grin:

Very very jealous… It looks fantastic!


Performance is insane…that level of perfomance, from a M100 spring…
My suitcase thompson, will be getting the works, when it arrives…

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Its like a gel blaster and a work of art at the same time. I have no other words!


Showing some leg…!


As an aside, has anyone heard from @Arty_Marty ?
Hope he’s going well…
I’m sure he would have some interest…

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Probably just took a break the forum can get to wild for some people

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He was doing ok last time we chatted.


Looking good !

May we know how much this thing owes you :money_mouth_face:

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Trust me , you dont wanna know…!!

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I actually do :rofl:

What time of day is Lazy time :thinking:

Clearly he wasn’t lazy enough if he could still speak. That’s not quite lazy enough.

Well… That would be about now today. :joy:

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Love the whole look of this thing :+1:
I’m so gonna boot up the colonial marines game and go through it again :sunglasses:
Well done :heart_eyes:

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