Scar V2 feeding issues

Hey my scar V2 is having some feeding issues. When the trigger is pressed the blaster either dry fires or doesn’t fire but you can hear the magazine trying to feed balls but nothing comes out. Any ideas on why and how to fix it.

Is the magazine working constantly? If you pull the charging handle will the mag motor work constantly?

So sometimes the blaster dry fires and sometimes it doesnt fire at all when you pull the trigger? Is that what you’re saying? Have you pulled it apart? That sounds like a motor wire not connecting properly.

As for the whole feeding issue, if the mag is working constantly.

Flip the blaster upside down, without a magazine in, and look down the feed tube then pull the trigger and watch to see if the nozzle is moving back as forwards correctly.

Could be a return spring.

Yes when the trigger is pulled the gel blaster will either dry fire or it will not fire at all and you will hear the magazine motor only. Looking inside the mag well, the plunger is definitely moving back and forth like it should. The magazine is definitely working because I tested it with a 9v battery and gels started spewing out (like normal). Without a magazine in the blaster it fires 100% of the time like normal. Occasionally a couple of gel will come out of the barrel in a short burst but I cant get it to consistently work.

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I have heard of people accidentally putting the mag terminals back to front… so the ‘wheel’ in the mag goes backwards…

Get a pair of jumper wires and connect them from the mag springs on the blaster to the same orientation on the pads on the mag… pull trigger and make sure the gels feed out of the mag.

If it is going the wrong way, reverse the mag springs on the blaster like

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After pulling it apart and a bit of testing, turns out the motor in the gearbox is faulty. When you press the trigger the motor will only spin if you give it a boost with your finger, and it will regularly seize up while running.

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You mean the motor in the mag?^

No the motor in the main gearbox is faulty and thats why I could only hear the magazine motor when I pulled trigger.