Scar V2 or M4 Gen 8

I’ve got a couple of the 3D printed DKJ8S hop ups and I’d like to put them to use. Will it fit any other blasters and would you recommend those? This will be the first blaster I’ll be upgrading so really looking to get the best bang out of my buck :call_me_hand:t3:

I’ve got a dk hop up on my well m4 and it works fine but the one on my son’s ACR broke apart at the threaded end .
Use it and see how it goes

The end with the thread crumbled apart.had to cut it down about 10mm
. They do fit different blasters that one was on a MRT also fits ACR or any with a 14mm reverse thread, and the other one slips over the barrel and holds on with grub screws

Good to know they fit other blasters. Thought I was simply doomed to choose between 2.

Yes I thought the same at first.
Alot of people seem to recommend rizer hop ups or sweetheart hop ups.