Sci-fi gelblaster thread

Any cool sci-fi stuff? Post it here…

Here is a cool scope that will be coming out in the future…


This dude from Japan has made some pretty crazy sci-fi optics.


Oh those are cool, thanks for sharing that!

Dedicated Sci-Fi thread, 'bout time.
If only I had the time, and the skillz.

This however, a Gel Blaster inspired Semi Autonomous Sentry, oh yeah, it’s on the cards, though the Blaster not merely a dropped SCAR, more seamless.


My son has been talking about a Warhammer 40k storm bolter for a very long time. In the box of bits I’ve got a couple Gen 8 gearboxes and motors complete. The body could be built relatively easily with 3D printing. Remove buffer tubes and wire batteries to a slot above or behind the gearbox.

The biggest thing I’m still trying to workout is the issue of the motor. To be a proper functional Storm Bolter it’s got to be two barrels firing simultaneously but only one grip. The tigger issue to both boxes I can solve, getting two motors to power the gearboxes from one grip, without it being stupidly oversized is the biggest issue on design. Pair of regular mags coupled so you can reload both barrels at the same time takes care of gel feeding.



I am collecting gen8 parts to build a turret.

Something the division turret seque

Double Barrel Single Grip, get to it, Classis Army DT-4


I want one of those for myself :rofl::rofl::rofl: I wish someone would bring them in.

Working on a Tau rifle at the moment, mostly because it’s basically a rectangle, but it’ll help me with other builds if I can figure out the shadow of the bare bones of a blaster that I can 3D print shells around.

I finally managed to print a lower receiver today but it’s not quite right (probably soft air). I’m thinking maybe I need to get a cheap nylon receiver and figure out scanning with my old xbox kinect.

Dare I ask how many barrels are coming out of that turret? :rofl:


TF2 level 3 sentry


Could you have the gearboxes rotated 90° inward and make a new grip? Or if they’re too close slanted slightly, if you get that…

There are phone apps that can scan objects now I believe, whether they’re any good for that I don’t know

Yeah I thought about that, but I just can’t see how to do it and help a pistol grip comfortable. More than likely would have to move to some form of inline gearbox and motor, or cheat and just run a pair of HPA engines and goodbye motors :rofl::rofl::rofl:

But then that Storm Bolter is one expensive arse project for a boy who might gel blast once a month at best of times. And I don’t want to rock a Storm Bolter at a field :joy::joy::joy:

Inlines would probably be more suitable, especially not having a grip attached to them, I quite don’t get what you mean with having a pistol grip comfortable :thinking:, that thing doesn’t look comfortable to begin with…

Nah it’s Warhammer so 8ft Superhumans used them. It’s not practical, I’m trying to come up with something that looks the bit but is practical and useable. So it wouldn’t be much thicker and bigger than that double trouble setup. I think 40k bolts are 40mm or some such hence the huge barrels.

Yeah I’ve seen the ones you’re talking about, proportionally they do look like 40mm or there about, there was a STL to turn a M4 into a normal bolter, but I’m sure you’ve seen that.
Couldn’t imagine a kid holding a 1:1 of that thing :joy:

He’d probably ask me to make the Terminator Armour to go with it


Really puts the scale into perspective!

That’s a bloke down in Melbourne and he wears that to Comic and Sci Fi conventions. There is video of him walking around in it, he dwarves everyone around him :rofl::rofl::rofl:

It’s the trouble with Warhammer scale weapons into gel blasters, obviously my son is not a genentically enhanced 8ft super human, so the Storm Bolter would have to be scaled for a scrawny child who could probably fit his whole body in the leg of that suit of armour :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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