Sector delay chip needed or something else?

Hey guys, the whole works to a g9 box (metal gears, stainless cylinder and cycliner head, metal rail plunger with over sized green Oring, 470 hi torque motor) as well as a game master tight bore 40cm barrel. When it does fire, it fire hard and straight.

The issue is that it barely fires well and often 2 or 3 balls will come out. Im thinking i need a stronger spring on the return slide (cant think of it’s proper name) and/or a sector delay. I also need to ensure my mag is loading properly so will also check it.

Any advice is appreciated before i tear it down again. (ZeHamish i will get the measurements for you this time as i didn’t have my verniers with me during the build)

Return spring and sector chip. You could also replace the tappet plate entirely but a sector chip gives you better control over the tappet timing

If your tappet plate returns reliably don’t bother so much on that front of you have a nice one already

Cheers mate, just running the stock tappet plate. It does seem to return a little slow. You wouldn’t have a link to a video showing the gearbox assembly working in slow motion so i can get a better understanding of how the balls load and just how it all works in regards to timing.

I do, ill try and find it…

scroll down to the gif animation when you get there.


I’ve got sector delay chips if you are looking locally… Either retro arms or fighting bro brands… Pm if you’re interested bud. 5 bucks each plus a few bucks postage.