Sector Gear Delay Chip

I know delay chips are more for high speed high ROF applications, but is there any benefit or disadvantages of using one, apart from maybe wasting $5, on a blaster with a moderate rate of fire?

In a normal blaster will it affect gel feed at all? Just curious…


I think the benifit of them is to allow you to adjust when it opens and how long it open for.

But they make the tappet open early, in standard rof setup I don’t see how that is benificial o.o??
I believe it’s better for the tappet to open later, so it stays close longer after the compression happen, allowing more time for the air to travel down the barrel, especially for long barrel setup.

There is one set of gear that has the tappet notch moved to line up with the first gear that pulls the piston, interested to try it out in the future.

Yep, I know what they do and how they work, no problem… :+1: they aren’t adjustable, fyi :blush: the amount of delay’s dictated by the shape and position of the lobe. What you see is what you get.

I was just wondering if they can potentially cause problems if they’re fitted to stock blasters, mainly because I have a m8 who insist on having one even though his blaster has only a moderate ROF.

they are adjustable. you cut or file off parts of it to time it to your blasters rof.

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That’s quite a statement or Therory

I don’t know, to me it seems logical,
But ofcoz I have not tested with that gear set to know for sure :frowning:

my thoughts are the same as icarus. Why i ordered the warinterest gears for longer barrel testing. I have ran delay chips on every build and orientated both ways around. Found fps to vary if delay chip was setup to open nozzle earlier especially on 30-35cm barrels. On short barrels not so much.
Delay 3
Top delay chip trimmed for 33cm barrel and lower was with it moved to test 50cm. Stripped these pretty quickly using 1.3 spring though so am looking forward to metal ones.


How did u move and resecure that notch o.O
Also did u notice any difference with the bottom gear?

its screwed on the nylon. That one was moved too far. Inline with the first tooth maybe better. Hence these


Oh I’m not arguing, I think it’s great that people are testing new ideas and challenging the way things are done.
I look forward to your tests and thoughts :+1:


The steeper the angle of the tappet, the faster it allows the nozzle to move forward.
The chip delays that forward movement of the nozzle.

You can look at the tappet another way.
The total time the blade of the tappet is being pushed by the sector gear is roughly equivalent to the time the feed tube stays open during the shot cycle. The shape determines whether it closes smoothly, in stages or suddenly.

Moving the pin on the sector gear may change the point in the piston retraction when the feed tube opens and closes but not how long it remains open for.
Moving it also increases the risk of the nozzle not fully sealing before the piston is released, which is inadvisable.

That will only occur using a tappet with different blade, a delay chip, a different motor or a different gear ratio.

The fun really starts when you play with DSGs.


i thought those different shape tappet were for different model gearbox / blaster O_O??
can u actually get different shape ones for one particular box?
or are they actually all cross compatible?

i would love to build a clear body, polycarb gearbox SLR with a clear tpiece and clear barrel as a test bed.
Need a high speed camera as well. Go fund me page maybe lol? Then put different gears setups in and look at the timing and how long / how many gels are in / stay / leave the barrels differing lengths as well per stroke.


You can buy other tappets instead of a delay chip or short-stroking.

considering how fast a shot gets fired after trigger pull,
the difference would prob be like 1/100 second, need some fairly high frame rate cam to capture that :sweat_smile: