Sector gear timing -general info

Hi there who is good with sector gear information, such as timing with high speed builds, how different delay chip shapes work and how tappet plate shapes alter outcomes.
I dont have a specific question just looking to soak up some info before i start doing some new builds. any info no matter how meagre will be appreciated


Any long post by either @Rattler attler or @Hiroshima_screamer that looks tldr

They will provide a wealth of knowledge of you fully read and process them


also why are sector gears so expensive even ebay are like near $10 for a tiny piece of plastic. has only one used 3d printed ones/

You refering to delay chips by the sounds of it

whoops, yeh mate good context perception

You can make them from HDPE easy enough.

Two holes, a saw and some files

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perfect, if i 3d printed one say, 100% infill to keep it solid would it work, or would friction melt pla?

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I’ve seen it done but if it abs anyway

I have a printer and used pre-existing scrap and the process I mentioned above.

Very casually over my morning coffee

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Maybe this video by @galapagosj will help?

literally just watched that before, its actually what led to me starting the thread funnily enough

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Well me personally I don’t use delay chips with high speed, I have toyed with them in the past but never seen any real benefit.

I have a secret DSG delay chip, well it’s not a chip as such but it’s similar.

Tappet plates I cut a minimum of 1/4 to half the tail of any build, once it’s done it’s job to open long enough for the gel to squeeze up what’s the point of the rest?

DSG I leave anywhere between 5mm to 9mm of tail depending on the speed and tappet type.
Steigetek’s recommendation is to make the tail 11mm long for DSG but I’ve found poor FPS on full auto with the tail timing that long.

Buy a lot of tappet plates of AliExpress and play around


I agree with @Hiroshima_screamer
I never use delayer chips because they are a bandaid fix for poor setups.
Most feed issues are caused from poor tappet travel, you must utilize ever bit of travel you have available, the tappet must come all the way back until it is virtually againt the cylinder head and in it’s forward most position it must only have around .5mm crush on the t piece seat , this give the maximum tappet travel possible.
With the tappet plate and nozzle all the way forward place your t piece over it and see how much gap there is between the t piece and the front of the gearbox, if there is more than .5 to 1mm the t piece need spacing.


He must have taken down that vid… maybe he has taken all of his videos down? eek

Evidently he had some trouble with Little piggy and has had to make some changes badluck

Yeah i just checked. The gearbox shim vid is gone. Hadnt finished watching it.