Securing cylinder head to gearbox

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has used araldite on their cylinder heat to gearbox housing.And if so was it successful? We broke the 2 dowels off the box again, I have a yellow alloy head that I thing may have a little too much free play.
Gen9 metal gears, shimmed, yellow chai hai motor, 1.38 Ausgel spring.
I think the alloy head was slightly too small and had excessive play.
If not araldite what did you do?

There are cylinder heads with rubber at the front, maybe they will help a little o.O?

Or just go metal box

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It’s actually my daughters boyfriends blaster and I got it firing really well! I will look at another style of cylinder head, it just seems that the stock one fits snug and both alloy ones I’ve tried have a small amount of play which I think is just enough to hammer the dowels off! I reckon there’s either gotta be one that fits perfect into nylon box or I make it fit perfectly!

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I have mentioned this before, some heads are smaller in dia. so are loose and can tilt.
To check put the head in the gearbox with no cylinder and you can feel the movement.
Some also have different dia. holes .
Look at this pic and you can see the head tilted upwards.


Yes I can see the tilt, is it just luck of the draw or are they colour coordinated to suit? Poor QA? Maybe when I get a new gearbox housing and head I try it on for size in store until I find one that fits?
Thanks for your help

It seems different brands vary in size and with a lot of what is available there is no brand as such so it’s pot luck as to what you get.
Yes go in store and try them definitely.
Its the same thing with the nozzles and nozzle tube, some are nice and smooth and others are really poorly machined so nozzle is loose and not smooth :frowning:


I think most people fit the head in the cylinder then just put it in the blaster so don’t even notice how loose they are in the front of the gearbox, this can cause a lot of the issues we see with shredded gels, feed issues and poor fps, if the nozzle tilts it missaligns with the t piece causing all of the above, not to mention it also destroys the gearbox as you have seen.
Allways fit the head by itself in the gearbox and close it up and check for play both up and down aswell as left to right


I will pay attention to this when I do mine o.O!

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If I had to

Paper shim to increase the head diameter just slightly

Gluing one in is an idea that doesn’t take me…however are you to get it out

2 part isn’t really impact tolerant either but thats quite dependant on the environment, the epoxy and your process

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