Seized receiver guidance

Good evening everyone, just got a letter in the mail regarding a seized receiver by ABF. Any tips on what I can/could/should do in regards to this?

Thanks in advance

i have never gotten one for blaster parts,
but i use to collect katana for a little while and had some dealings with customs/ABF with seizing items.

generally once they flag it “prohibited” and seized it,
to get the item back you’ll have to provide documentation to prove you have the “rights” to purchase / own / collect said item, like collector’s licence for that category of prohibited item, or a firearm’s licence that allows to you purchase parts of said category of proh’ items.

if you don’t have one, and the receiver is metal, then you can give it up and call it a lost,
generally nothing happens to you from that point on, but you will probably be flagged in they system,
and the chance of them checking packages under your name is more likely to increase.
like the first time i got a seize item letter i didn’t really care,
ordered another one about a month later, got seized,
ordered another one 2 month later, got seized again with a rather angry letter warning me :expressionless:

however being a gel blaster part, if it’s not metal, and if blaster is legal in your states,
you could try contacting them explaining that it is a part for gel blaster which is legal,
and see what happens from there.

anyway, good luck man :sweat:

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Metal or Nylon?

from what I’ve read, they don’t like receivers full stop

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Yah it’s kinda weird,
I think in US as well lower receiver is the most regulated part of the whole setup for some reason o.o

They’ve been cracking down on metal receivers in the past 6 months, pretty much no one has got their personal import through :worried: I managed to get my metal receiver back from ABF but that was September last year. Since then I have ordered and received nylon upper and lower receivers without any issues.


@icarus1314 ooh sporting katanas, display katanas or authentic nihonto?

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Sadly just chinese made displays :worried:
A proper nihonto crafted by proper japanese swordsmith is way out of my price range :frowning:

And I really don’t wanna risk those with the customs :scream:


Some of the display ones are done very well now days. Don’t loose hope, a tanto or wakizashi in ‘ok’ condition can be as little as $300-$500 and perfect to start a collection with.

Yah I am quite happy with the quality of those chinese blades :smiley:
But if I do start collecting again I might actually apply for a proper collector’s licence to avoid trouble with custom, with japanese made blades :worried:

I just brought my first Katana from this place in WA, you can buy semi custom Katanas, Wakizashi and Tantos. They have a whole heap of great reviews so hopefully ifs decent quality.


Look kinda like chinese LongQuan blade.
Which is actually surprisingly good quality, just the blade is not as wide, and grips are pretty thin :worried:
The hamon lookes pretry decent tho o.O

Hopefully a good entry level piece, I really want a custom one from Japan.

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Start applying for that license :+1:

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Do you actually need a license? ABF website says just declare at airport.
I was actually over in Japan last October and wish I knew of this then.

For swords and katana yes, at least that’s what the custom told me.
As with bring it with you through airport I have no idea, but they are a prohibited weapon last time I checked so yah :frowning:
Best to check with your local authority first, might differ per state

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on the website it also said next to the tick that it is “Allowed, if restrictions are met”,
which is vague af = .=
so yah, double check just to be sure

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As long as its not a national treasure and the goods declaration is filled out ok I didnt think it was classed as a prohibited item? I have a wakizashi I bought many moons ago and it sailed straight through no issues :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


From what i can gather Queensland is all good, except if it’s a M class blade. Then you’d need a license.
That’s funny, a real katana is ok. Gel blasters on the other hand :man_facepalming:t4:


Fk vic, I am movin up to qld :frowning:

Melb airport confiscated my torch…
One of those long security ones, and that was flying to tas…
They say I could rob the plane with it for all they know…

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