Select fire - full auto v semi auto

Hey guys, I’m new the world of gel blasters. Ive watched alot of videos on the tube lately and I’ve noticed almost every guy behind the ■■■ in each vid fires full auto when aiming at their target/enemy. Is there a reason for this other than “the more rounds fired, the better the chance of the kill”?
Or are there other reasons?


Gel blasters aren’t very accurate and don’t really hit that hard. If you want to get a hit that the other player will call, you generally need to hose them down.

I love the idea of running a semi-only game, but a lot of blasters don’t even have a semi mode so it’s really a non-starter!

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Also - welcome to the community!

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Cheers. Yeah ok, I figured that was the case. Honestly i haven’t even bought a rig yet, Ive just been trying to do a bit of research before buying the wrong set up. Any pointers?


Spray and prey baby! shoot

Besides, there is a chance you can hit the poor sod several times in the same place… makes better welts hehehe laughing (1)

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Hi Crooksy89

Depends how far the ‘rabbit hole’ you want to go lol.

Some people go for one really good high end blaster.

I personally decided to go for multiple blasters for different roles and to provide redundancy. All of my blasters are gen 8 compatible that share many parts and even magazines!

I decided for my tactical needs to have 1 main high end blaster as my go to. My modified m4ss with many metal parts and metal gears and a high speed high torque motor. I have 3 ‘spare’ primary blasters i use in case the primary breaks down or more likely for cqb purposes where a ligher more compact blaster is more suitable. Here i have my HE ACR, Scar and QBZ 97 bullpup. They arent upgraded as much as the M4ss but still have a decent amount of upgrades above stock. Most are still not completed but hoping to get them up and running before the gelsoft fields open up. My final 2 are what i label as sidearms or backups. I run a back holster which fits my p90 my thinking is if my main blaster breaks down in a battle my p90 can offer a better backup then a gel pistol.

So think about how your set up will look like what you want and what your willing to spend. Watch some youtube videos to get a feel for what suits your needs and weight all the pros and cons. Most importantly enjoy!

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Go to the a shop (when you can) and at least get some hands on with some blasters. Some are more solid than others, and you can’t really know whether that’s going to bother you or not until you have a play with a few. Most of them above $150 work straight out of the box these days, so it’s largely down to what feels right to you!

Look for Nylon construction for the blaster and internals at a minimum if you want a more durable blaster. If your budget doesnt allow ABS plastic should be sufficient. If you have money to burn go metal.


Awesome guys, cheers. Ive been into one of my local stores and I’ve had a feel of a couple of blasters some feel comfortable, some not so much.
Now my next question is accuracy and sites/scopes… red dots and holographics in particular, do they make much of an impact on accuracy in a field play, in a cqb setting I can see them being very beneficial, but do they help much in an open setting? My main question is, are they worth the money?

Also, can you guys offer some feedback on these 3, price is my main enemy, but some of these have small features that seem to fit what i think would suit me. But what you don’t see on the online stores is any regular flaws or things that have a tendency to wear out or break easily. Any advice on what to look out for.
Well M401 V3
Scar V2

In all honesty gel blasters are not accurate enough to warrant the use of a scope/sight etc. These are more for aesthetic purposes. They can help you focus on a target but getting high magnification fancy scopes to improve accuracy it’s just not worth it but then again if your willing to spend the money and part of the enjoyment is having a realistic sight/scope then go for it. I think the main thing that improves accuracy is barrel length but even that only goes so far


The Scar is a good blaster but is a bit long in the tooth, and the build quality isn’t up to the modern blasters. [Edit: that said, IIRC the gearbox is the Gen 8 style so plenty of good options for mods and even tougher drop in replacement boxes. You will need to change the barrel out for a metal one, eventually though]

The Wells is a quality product.

SKD 416 I’m not familiar with.

The only sight I would consider is a relatively cheap red dot sight, and you’ll need a decent hopup as well for it to be of any use.

One thing to ask is really think whether you want to upgrade or not or if your willing to put the time in researching and trial and error to modify your blaster. Doing so is easy once you practice but it can be frustrating and expensive! so be warned. These things can be a money pit. If you dont have the time to do this yourself and you want to go out and play with a blaster straight away no hassles maybe look at already upgraded Blasters. Just work out the potential cost benefits before doing so.

Also most modern stock blasters are pretty good these days, adding an 11.1v battery usually is enough to get them hitting pretty decently so you wont feel like your too much outgunned, although there will be some that have hoses for gel blasters and hope to hell those guys are on your team lol, but make sure you be honest with what you expect from your gel blaster.

Other things to consider is that the Scar V2 is plastic and while its not glass it wont stand up as well as a Nylon blaster which i believe the SKD Hk416 is. Though its folding stock may make it handy as a CQB blaster. I cant find much on the SKD 416 but if its anything like the SKD m4ss of which i own then its a solid blaster, but my concern is that it would probably be a mofset in the blaster which is ok for stock 7.4v battery it comes with but if you put in an 11.1v i dont like the chances that the blaster lasts long with it. I rewired mine so if your good with a soldering iron might be for you but if your not and you want to use 11.1 v for increased ROF then i would steer clear.

That leaves the Wells which i dont own but many swear by these and its a great blaster out of the box, if you want to just pick up a blaster and play this would be the idea choice from the 3 provided by you. Just research all the options you want for it and see if they are available for the Wells.

Just for your consideration maybe look at the
Lehui AUG
Lehui Kriss Vector
JM m4a1 GT

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If we’re making suggestions for you, the LDT 416 (nylon gears version is fine) is probably the only blaster I’ve seen multiple copies of that doesn’t need anything done to it out of the box. I love my JM J10 ACRs, but at the very least they need a metal barrel and hopup put in - the LDT HK416 has that out of the box.

Awesome info guys realy appreciate it. This is the info I’ve got on the SKD HK416

Can you see anything here I should avoid?

What is the price on the 416 Crooksy?

The LDT HK416D V3 is only $245 at the moment with ‘POTENT15’ code from toyandhobbtwarehouse with free express post… koolaid lick

Anyone know the difference between LDT and SKD? noidea

By the way Crooksy, the only correct answer to your question is…

You need one of each (at least)

spanky throws bucks


If i could afford one of each I’d be a very happy man :joy:
The SKD is $199 from Renegade. $245 is a bit over my ideal budget.

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Not sure if that is the same as the “Singularity” HK 416 sold elsewhere?

I tend to pimp ZD a fair bit because they can’t be beat (on price) for local stock on a range of blasters:

Given the budget you have, any of the above would be a good option. They also have additional discount codes listed on the site, so you can get the J11 for $80.

If you’d prefer the look (and versatility) of the AR/M4 platfrom, this 2-in-1 J9 is $168.30 with code POTENT15:

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The SKD 416 is made by same company as the M4SS. Got the 3 shot mode.Can be finicky on the mosfets.
The aug is rather rubbish out of the box. Leaky, long barrel ported cylinder.
ACR J10 really needs the metal kit for the mag release as its longer than m4 and flexes so you drop mags. Barrel stability shit so need to get the support for it. Fitting batteries shit.

I gotta admit i am jaded on entry level blasters. They all are rather shithouse. Most not worth the money you put in them later on to improve. When you end up spending up to $600 on them you may as well have waited a little longer and got one of the premium range blasters.
But if some other guys with experience with the Wells range from M4A1 at $199 can suggest one of those may be a better option for you.