Selling parts and blasters

After how well my last post went I am going to sell a few more things to fund buying more stuff i dont need. As last time all items are going to have to be posted and that ranges between $10-$20 depending on what you buy. all items are stock and never used at a game only tested to see if they work but have been rewired to deans as thats the only batterys i run now. Feel free to send me a pm if you have a question about anything.

1 knights armament 12inch metal handguard $100 posted
4 knights armament black iron sights $30 posted
5 knights armament tan iron sights $30 posted
7 1 left 13:1 shs gears $30 posted

MOYU SCAR-L $225 posted

mp7 v4 with drum mag $120 posted

gen 9 sold + slr + shs18:1s and 1 of the shs13:1s gears sold

Where are you located mate?

Hey mate, I’m just wanting to know if you’d ship the rail covers to Vic.

yeah thats no problems send me a pm :slight_smile:

I’m new here how do i send a pm?

i sent you one

Click on there pic

all items that have been paided for have been sent with tracking check your pms for the number :slight_smile:

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Mine says stuck in Helensvale Qld !!!
Not again!! :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:

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Don’t worry I had one yesterday go through Helensvale but showed up today :+1:

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Mines stuck since 18 June Lol !!

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Oh well then welcome to the club :rofl:

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im very confused are you trying to be funny about the co2 pistols or just posted in the wrong thread?

Whaddya think mate ? Last time i checked you dont live in Qld :wink:

its just that i get ptsd when ever someone talks about helensvale i got 2 things stuck in hell there :frowning:


Lol !! I reckon someone up that has “lost” our co2 pistols … gonna have to check on fleabay soon !! Anyways , im gonna look forward to rebuildin the slr cqb for the tome being

lowered prices on some items and added price posted.