Semi and Full auto not working properly

on semi it shoots a couple shots at a time and on full it will often shoot nothing for several cycles. It will also occasionally shoot two gels at the same time.
Looking for any help on why this is happening and how to fix it.
Thanks in advance

When u say semi shoots couple shots, is that with one trigger pull? And does it happen all the time?

Did u modify the gear or anything else?

What u could try is take the magazine out and look inside the t piece hole, while pulling the trigger, check and see if the nozzle is push in and out normally and not blocking the t piece after trigger pull

Also maybe try shoot the blaster upside down, see if its a feeding issue between the magazine and t piece, maybe o.o?

Yep, it is with one trigger pull and it happens inconsistently but maybe every third trigger pull.
Also, could it be becuase i hold the trigger in for a few seconds instead of doing one quick pull?
Yes, i have replaced the nylon gears with metal ones.
The nozzle seems to work normally.
Shooting upside down doesnt seem to help.
Thanks again for the advice!

Do u know what geat ratio is the one u put in?
From what I was told stock they are 18:1, so if u put in like 16:1 or less, that might be whats causing it to miss fire o.o??

From memory with them higher speed gears u need to put in a little 8 shaped chip thingy to make the nozzle return forward a bit later.

Another possibility is the piston might be jamming if the gear weren’t put in correctly, causing it to not fire at full auto mode =.=?

Apart from that I am not too sure, I am rather new to the whole blaster thing tbh.
Hope u get it fix soon man :frowning:

What gears and what battery are you using?

Thanks, hope so too :disappointed:
im not actually sure but i thought they were 18:1.

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Have you got a receipt or box for the gears?

Are you running an 11v battery?

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No I won’t be that, in single shot mode I find its actually better to hold it in for a little before next shot, coz with mine I found if I tap the trigger and let go really quick, sometime the nozzle doesn’t go back or inly go back half way = .=

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Yep, i bought them of ebay.
no, i was running one with a 1.3 spring which stripped the nylon gears, but now i am running the sock battery and spring.

sir, any ideas :frowning_face: ?

So your saying the blaster is cycling but gels are not coming out most of the time ?

A delayer chip… :money_mouth_face:

i forgot the name :rofl:
saw it last night in one of the vid i was watch,
not something i would need so didn’t really pay too much attention :sweat_smile:

for my i am just looking mainly at accuracy/consistency and distance,
don’t wanna build a laser beam shooter lol
(tho it does look dope at night with tracer gels)

Yep, but it is more than most of the time, maybe 1/3 of the time!

My guess is it is either your gels or your mag is not feeding properly

OK, I will purchase a new mag and different gels and report back.
thanks everyone

You can test the mag by using a 9v battery to make sure it feeds gels .
And buy good quality gels

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would any other size battery work?
as i cant find a 9v :thinking:

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Yes anything up to 11.1v

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Get the battery out of your smoke detector…

And dont forget to put it back again :grin: