Semi-auto conversion

Is there any way to limit a blaster to semi-automatic fire only? I would prefer my sniper rifle style blaster to fire one shot per trigger pull

put a Mosfet in it.
then if you want you can choose the rate of fire.

you specifically need a programmable FET.

there are a bunch on the market.

i tried the T238 which is the most feature rich at half the cost of its competitor and about a quarter of the common entry level.

DOA, other issues

check out the perun

@Hiroshima_screamer had a new trigger based FET that might do the trick

Thanks for the advice everyone, I might look into getting an FET. It was a pretty cheap blaster however so I’m also considering getting a bolt action as it might fit what I’m going for a little better, provided that it will feed reliably

i lurve my m24 but its pretty useless on field in many ways

and costs nearly as much as my wells all up which is a consistent beast (not withstanding that i just and finally destroyed the acrylic gearbox a couple weeks back)

The ballistic limitations of gel balls basically make anything other than full auto a losing proposition for the field, but a sniper rifle is just kind of a fun thing to have