Semi section not working on Gen9 gearbox

Hi all,

The selector switch on my Gen9 M4A1 seems to work on SAFE and AUTO but not SEMI.

SEMI functions exactly like AUTO…is this normal? If not what should I check?


I don’t see a problem, HAHA
Mine did that to, is the trigger stuck when in semi?

Hahahaa…nah, trigger is fine that’s the tricky part!

It’s probably a tooth or two in the wrong position

Yeah mine was sticky in semi but if you push the trigger a touch harder it worked no problem.

Does the gearing actually matter in terms of relation to the ladder on the plunger? I cant see how it would as timing is based on the spring launching the ladder back into position before the gear comes around. The only timing i can see is on the plunger nozzle slide. Please correct me if im wrong as i dont want to break anything.

The tooth or two on the selector plate where it meshes with the selector toggle I meant.

The gearbox internals do not really weigh in on this beyond reflecting the position of the selector plate

Ohh. Haha my bad my slector toggle thing can only go on 2 ways as the shaft is squared on 2 edges. Maybe it’s on the wrong way like you say.

Oh…no. disregard my input. I was expecting a slide plate.

My SLR us like the image, that’s hard to mess up.