Setting up original Ambi fire select on v2/h92

After spendin the week contemplating the procedure and all the weird sn wonderful ways to do it i finally got into it last night and the result is perfect, operates like it does with the aps box. There is the possibilty of tight transfer gears at the start due to tolerances but after abit of use ot frees up.

Pics up latet today…

First, have your bear shell bolted together, no internals of any type cos youll need to clean away the shrapnell when your done.

Next, seat the gearbox into the lower reciever, pin it with the rear bolt pin, center pin and attach the grip so everything is in place

Grab one of the mpx levers, dont matter which one, find a drill but that fits the bolt hole snugly, and one to match the step size that the gear sits in on the aps box, should be 5.5 mm

Sit the lever into the slot and position it in a drill press or however you plan to drill. Just make sure the lever stays seated and central to that hole in the reciever.

Drill your first small hole in both sides of the gear box, then swap drill bits to the 5.5 and open it up, trying to keep it central with the hole.

Check and see that the gears slot into the new drilled holes, if not try the next size up or use a flat blade screw driver that only just fits in the drilled hole and turn it abit to open it up slightly.

Presto, clean the box, reinstall all components, fit your ambi gears and slip into the reciever, fit the levers and detent spring and ball, there you go, ambi fire on the mk using the original levers


And another benifit is youve got 2 more points of access to add abit of lube if needed


Nice write up mate :ok_hand:

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