Shark slide problem

I suggest anyone with an APS pistol reads this !

I have put through around 15 bulbs so far and keep up the servicing very well but I began noticing a very metallic sound in the slide on each shot.
I stipped it down and found a problem!

On the inside of the front of the slide there two small round rubber bumpers fitting into holes, as the slide flys back it hits these bumpers but the rubber are now destroyed so the slide has been damaged from hitting the aluminium !

I suggest everyone has a look at theirs and replace the bumpers regularly.
The rubber seems to be appox. 2.5mm dia and 10mm long.
I going to get some o ring cord and make myself a heap and change the very regularly from now on.

Here are the photos with the bumpers removed you can see the damage caused.


Shoot, would you make a bucket load more and sell through Rattlers supreme blasters?? :metal:



$ 15 for 5 pieces :rofl:


Can you do up a guide once you’re done dude. Sounds like it will be a common problem.


You’ve gotten me curious now. I’ve done a complete strip out on my 1911 a couple times now and I swear I’ve not noticed them on mine. I need to go back and look now :joy::thinking:. Honestly never thought of how the slide hits when it’s fired

Isn’t the short heavier spring on the slide suppose to dampen that ?

i suspect they will only be prevalent in CO2 blasters.

From constantly being hit they get chewed up


that will be another $35 - $50 for an upgraded recoil spring assembly probably thank you very much says the vendors

Would short stroking it help?

That’s what they look like on the silver cnc slide they sell. Looks like they might be round on one end to go into the hole and oval on the exposed end to act as more a buffer.

Will have to see what the a/s versions look like and how they hold up.

Mine are just 2.5mm round rubber


The old stock black o-rings work good too :+1:


may be 3d print some out off softer rubber filament

or chop up a similar sized o-ring

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Just got 3m of 2.5mm o ring cord from my local CBC bearing shop $8 so I won’t run out any time soon :rofl:


Mine is a co2. The nwell 1911 from M4a1 is a co2 blaster

Mine are a bit worn as well. Might 3D print some replacements out of TPU which should hold up better than rubber.

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Mine to, just looked, kinda shit to use that rubber from factory, so only put 20 co2 through it. Wonder if a strong type of rubber like car tyre rubber is available

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I just checked mine , it’s not a shark (it’s a g17) but is has none . I’ve put through 4 mags and you can see the markings on the same spot your pointing out.