Sharky Gas Pistol

Guys… I need some info on;

1.) Red dot site
2.) Changing slides
3.) Mag well receiver
4.) Trigger
5.) Hop up
6.) Retention lanyard

If someone has any links for this and again, its based on the new sharky I just got a mortgage loan for…

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  1. Any red dot with a glock mounting plate should fit
  2. Azrael sell a slide but it won’t fit the shark, has no cut out for the full auto switch.
  3. Already has flared magwell.
  4. Most likely are 3rd party available however Shark already has adjustable trigger. Hex head screw inside to adjust how much creep it has.
  5. Azrael have one but out of stock. Preorders haven’t shipped yet as he’s making a design tweak.
  6. No idea sorry