Shite Pit(e) Lite?

Given the restrictions in other states I wonder how many retailers will now close up due to reduced revenue. It will be very sad if some of the excellent shops out there have to close. Tactoys should just close regardless.

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The real question should be; which retailers should the community allow to stay in business


3 ‘business busters’ would set the industry straight I reckon.

The preorder liars, the customer support cunts and the shit builders.

Everyone else is at least Big W levels of okay.


For some reason, op’s wording reminds me of the multi account dude that last talked about shooting light bulbs

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Ha I don’t know who that is they sound infamous though. I’m a general lurker.


Ah, General Lurker. A pleasure, I’m Rear Admiral Stalker, and @Captainkrug over there is Air Commodore Snooper, welcome to strategic command.

Personally I think the main concern with Queensland is that retailers shipping to illegal states and therefore making work for police force in other states could cause those police to complain and then bam gone at a federal level. Best thing we can do for Queenslanders is to push for all retailers to comply with laws they should already be complying with :roll_eyes:


We’ve got it on record that the minister says the regs have been effective, so until a change of state government, the threat is indeed at federal level. Because of interstate shipping shenanigans

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They already have. The QPS circular to retailers in March 2021 wasn’t out of the blue. That was because other State Police have complained to QPS about shoddy merchants here in Queensland shopping products to persons interstate without a care in the world. The community should blacklist those retailers and put them out of business before they destroy our hobby.


From the experience of swim if the community actually did boycott retailers for shipping to naughty states there would only be 2 or MAYBE!! 3 retailers left and they are probably not the ones you would expect.

Xforce, azraels, tac edge and m4a1 out of the big names are cool on this front

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M4A1 and X-Force both ship to SA without identification confirmation.

Mmmmmm. As I said you would be surprised.

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As fair as i know it is only rpmtech , bigbosstac, m4a1

Azraels and Tac Edge don’t ship out to SA any more, I’m 99% sure they’re on the up and up now.

Neither does Viper Tac, come to think of it.

Then a questions are
If they won’t send whole blaster will they send the individual parts to build a complete blaster?

And then what about back alley transactions?

Just trying to make you guys think about all the different possibilities amd how negative boycotting could actually be to the industry.


Happy cake day squidlet :tada:

Well the industry will just contact to match the demand which will be good for the sport overall, we never had an issue until the industry exploded and put blasters in the hands of so many.

What I can’t understand is why you guys are so desperate to have a gel blaster that you are prepared to break the law and risk serious firearms charges, to me this seems irrational considering the majority of the ones that do it have virtually no interest in the sport itself.

That’s a very good point rattler. I honestly don’t see the point of owning a blaster unless you are going to use it.

As you have stated, owning one in a state where they are illegal is a serious punishment which would probably end up serving time.

Add to this, if you ever want to own a real firearm, getting caught with an illegal gel blaster will mean this is never possible. The ‘fit and proper’ test these days aren’t only in the last 5 years, it’s your lifetime now.