Shootin' da Breeze, Shanghai Edition

Hello all, I am new here and thought I would share my observations about this forum in general. I have a great deal of interests ranging from Radio Control to Mountain Biking to Turbo’s and Skylines (and R35’s) to Hunting Small & Big Game, to Compound Bows all the way through to Real Steel bang bangs. Basically if it Twangs or Bang’s or Rev’s, Rides or Drives I’m into it. Over the years I have visited a great number of forums in regards to these interests yet joined very few. The reason, always the same. No matter the forum design and how well the interface, the thought of having to mingle virtually with a varying percentage of the members turned me off. In the real world I wouldn’t associate so I felt hypocritical if I did so online. The concern, my concern, always Ego based. The treatment of fellow enthusiasts of the particular hobby / interest can be appalling. Members new & old showing off their new bike to be told it’s crap, telling a noob their stupid for not knowing this or that, why’d you chose that and not this, basically a constant barrage of streaming negativity. The site suffers for it. Interest based forums are designed to bring like minded people together and to create an environment where freedom of expression, positivity, understanding, knowledge, helpfulness etc may flourish unhindered by small people with big mouths. I have spent many, many hours pouring over this forum gathering information for my build and not once, not once have I detected anything that wasn’t generous in nature, Kudos to you all and Kudos to the creators and keepers of this site for encouraging this atmosphere. Thank you to every member, to everyone who contributes, to everyone who takes the time to share their learned techniques and experiences with others and thank you for all for doing so in a respectful, courteous and understanding way. I am sure that anyone who has visited a number of varied forums knows how harsh some can be. This being an Aussie based forum may have something to do with it’s warmth and generosity, I will think about it.

TL;DR Very impressed with the forum and more so it’s members. The anonymity of online discussions grants great freedom to those who feel the need to ridicule. Creating and maintaining a space where this type of person can not get a foothold and therefor moves along will see this site in good footing for many years to come.


Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum


hey m8. THANK YOU!

but remember that the forum is a collection of mis-matched oddballs and furfies and sktfkry are going to arise from time to time.

when it does, we sometimes let it play out because censorship isn’t what we’re about here but occasionally, where warranted, I will break out the big stick of STFU.

when it does…and it will…stick around, it’ll get sorted and then we can all get on pew pew’ng

The success of the forum though has SFA to do with its management and more with the people contributing to it so…welcome, contribute, share and share.



Thanks for taking the time to actually write that :grin::+1:t2:


I think the above statement in particular needs to be pulled out and shoved in all y’all faces.

I can’t agree enough with @SlingShot on this front, the forum is only what it is because of its members.


Thanks for taking the time @SlingShot (welcome too!) to compose some feedback. It’s gonna be an exciting year ahead for the sport and all the new pew pews coming out.

I know we like lurking behind keyboards… but a good ol fist bump or face full of gels from your fellow GBF comrades on the field can be very rewarding. So don’t shy away from the real world meetups.


Yeah i havent been on this forum for that long but theres a wealth of knowledge that i can use to help me get where i want my gelsoft collection to be and everyone has been very friendly. This seemed to extend to my limited time on the gelsoft field where people from young to old just played to have fun. No sport besides gelsoft (as far as i am aware) that can have kids as young as 5 or 6 and as old as 50+ on the same field and everything in between male or female. They get so much enjoyment out of the sport and i remember talking to someone who said he brings his son to play and that its a great bonding experience, something i hope my son will take up one day. I also think the personality comes out with sport. What equipment, what mods what upgrades its great to hear what people take pride in their set up.

I think many people are happy to ensure we cultivate more players with the passion and enthusiasm for the sport so they get the most out of it. So stay and enjoy gelsoft and help it grow!


Wow, what a nice thing to do and say, I second your comments about the people here, I’ve learnt a heap from here and enjoyed the banter along the way. :+1:t3:


Agreed. Ive been on forums since early 2000s and then after facebook killed them off , the only reason I would visit a forum is when my phone stuffs up etc. Get on , try get an answer , then bail. This is the 1st forum since around 2010 that Ive stuck around , mainly cause of the responses Ive gotten back from members , and I get a feeling of a tighter knit community as theres not 1000s of regulars. Makes it alot easier to catch up on topics too.
I found this forum in the many times Ive googled stuff and the top responses are usually from this site. Pretty happy to be here soaking up knowledge like a sponge. Thanks to everyone for being awesome!


Flamers, bullies, keybd warriors and trolls are everywhere. Glad I found the ‘mute’ function.


Thanks for the welcome, kind words (there, see what I mean) and so forth. What I didn’t say and now feel I should is that there is a difference between “screw you” and “screw you” and this site has the right kind. I am as hard as nails and as tough as old shoe leather but not everyone is and condemning someones views, opinions, choices etc only turns them off and away. Again I have not seen this on this forum but have witnessed members flee in droves from other forums due to such activity. We need to attract and keep as many individuals as possible within this hobby, sport, activity for numbers speak. Legislation does not concern itself with the small and one day we will need the many.
Thank you all again for making this a place to return to.


As a newbie to this forum I totally agree, guys (and maybe ladies too?) here has been nothing but helpful and put up with (well most of it anyway, lol) silly questions.
I am nothing but greatful


That was well-said. And has been my experience 100%.

With this whole virus thing, I’ve recently ventured back onto Facebook and for a while I was quite active on gelball groups both over east and here in Perth. And, for the most part, I’ve just seen people shit on each other. For no real reason either. It doesn’t benefit anyone, let alone the person doing the shitting.

I’ve wandered off and haven’t been on here for a bit, but like my mate Skewa above, when I Google shit, this place usually comes up. I really need to come back around to this place more. Because it IS about the people, and you ARE fucking awesome. I recognise nearly every username on the comments above me and you’ve all been nothing but welcoming, patient, kind, open-minded and chill with anything I’ve seen come across here. You’re better than just a credit to this forum (you ARE this forum…) but you’re also improving The Entire Fucking Internet, let alone the gel blaster community.

Please don’t go anywhere, and don’t go changin’. I really appreciate all you fuckers, probably way more than I can fit in words on here. So thank you.


With that expressed now YOU are a further credit to the Forum, you ARE this Forum. Speak your mind, but speak in peace. Very well said @CaptainAwesomepants.

It does, it does indeed. The study of Human Behavior has been my life’s passion and as so I can tell you that when someone makes a comment, nonconstructive, mean spirited, well it’s a pretty extensive list, they do benefit. the brain chemistry is triggered and they are rewarded for doing so. It takes many years for people to awake within and curb this infliction, many never succeed. Heap shit, hang shit, call a dipshit so when needed are all absolutely fine and fall outside the bounds of “your choices are shit, your inexperience is shit”, shit, you already know what I am talking about.
As or FartBook what language is spoken on there, I don’t have much experience but I can only assume.
I am glad you have found a bunch of like minded Hooligans on here to discuss yours and our interest.

Thank you for the comment.@SlingShot

“Act as if”

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you have just to watch out for that hamish character…he’s a prick :rofl:


Morning @zeHamish,

I have also heard that hamish sucks a lotta pricks, each to their own. It must become confusing on here at times with your name and his being so similar.

ETA: he’s a prick, I read differently, mainly based on an extensive assessment of his numerous posts. Am I too quick to assess, maybe, am I wrong, I highly doubt it.

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@SlingShot :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

i know right…if only the shit would STFU and let some noobs get a word in

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

whilst i know he does like the sausage…preference is a nice bratwurst and sourdough…technically he’s a lesbian where the other sausage comes into play.


Mmm bratwurst, Mmm sourdough, Mmm lesbians


I simply transpose Hamish Blake’s voice into my head when I read his posts. Makes all the difference.

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Too true, and good call.
Too often I say, “WHY? Why is it this way?!” and instead what I really mean is, “Shit! I don’t like that things are this way!”

Good Evening to you @CaptainAwesomepants.

If that handle wasn’t already taken and I was clever enough to think of it, and, and if I truly felt that Captain Awesome Pants flowed through me and portrayed me correctly I would have snagged it in a second.

I now thy promise you that I will also, by desire or by your implanting the knowledge into my consciousness, I am unsure, also read any & all of MrHamish’s posts in Mr.Blakes voice. I am not going to thank you for that, nah ahh.

“This is my Blaster. There are many like it, but this one is mine…”

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