Shooting problem with modified m4 gen 9

Metal gear, piston, 100% cylinder, 35 cm inner barrel, 1.3 spring, SHS 480 high torque motor, tiger 3s 11.1V 35s battery, DKj8s hop up. V2 white gel ball.
And here is my test firing:

The problem here is the explosion of some gel in the air. With 7-8 straight shot, i got 1 gel pop up or going to nowhere. I 've tried with no hop up or silencer but the result is the same.

Hi, what gels are you using?

I’m using this, do people call it the gold milkies?

You need to use gels slightly smaller than your bore, either grade to size or grow to size

Is those gold milkies not suitable to my barrel?
My inner barrel diameter is 7.5.

Cheaper or softer gels will usually break upon firing once you upgrade the spring. Try using hardened gels and see how you go.

I use those gold pack milkies but they are more suited to 7.3mm id barrels but should still work without busting.
Check your barrel t piece alignment, something the handguard support puts pressure on the outer barrel pushing it out of alignment and this will cause gel breakups

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I 've fortified the handguard by sticking the adapter to T piece alignment by long screws.

Show us a good photo

I use extra screws to seal the T piece inside.

That doesn’t look right?
That part is a handguard adapter it shouldn’t be touching the t piece.
I think your problem is in this area, can you take it off and take some more photos of how your outer barrel is attached ?
Or start by removing all those screws and shoot the blaster again