Shop Talk and other Tall Tales

Ok guys and girls, thought I start a thread for all those tall tales shops have been telling you :scream:

What’s some of the worst advise you’ve been given or now you look back and think “hmmm :thinking: I think that was bullshit”

Please no naming or shaming unless the mob calls for blood :-1:

I purchased what was described as M-Lok screw set only to be sent a Keymod set. When I contacted the seller they said “you would have been sent what was in the picture” (ok sure there was a picture of Keymod nuts but the whole description says it was M-Lok!), and then said “M-Lok and keymod screw and bolts are interchangerble between both
platforms. Only the handguards and rails need to be specific but the screws and bolts are universal”.

I wish shops gave the correct advice or at least knew what they were talking about :frowning:


I once ordered a short shaft motor for Vector but they sent me a long shaft instead, I emailed them and the reply was that I should tap it down and it will fit, I replied that this won’t work because too much shaft will still be sticking out, they then replied that I misunderstood and they meant that I should use a hammer and knock the shaft through the armature and that it is how it is done and that everybody does it like that and it works fine !
My reply… It’s on it’s way back please refund my money :rofl:


i got told one day that volumetric efficiency was paramount and specifically 1:2.13 because they’d done extensive testing

and the next day, same shop, that VE was a complete crock with no bearing on gel flight because…

they’d done extensive testing…


i got told that chaining mosfets was impossible


got sold a gas blowback AS fitting as a barrel stabiliser


I went onto a shop for a barrel upgrade, while it was happening the sales guy started talking about blasters in general… he started bagging out all the brands… JM, SKD, Well, all of 'em… said they were all rubbish.

Then he started hanging it on my blaster. His words… “You can’t polish a turd”.

When I asked him if any of the current gel pistols were any good, he said they were all crap and not worth buying. That got a weird look from his coworker behind the counter.

I said “I was thinking of pulling the pin on a Beretta 90Two, but on your recommendation I won’t bother now” got my blaster back and walked out. They blew a sale right there.


So did they sell anything that was any good ?


Not according to the guy behind the counter :joy:


Got a handguard that was 12inch instead of 10 inch which I’d asked for and got the bloke to check… also then went to return a mag I was told would fit my blaster and it didn’t. He refused to give me my money back and insisted on store credit. So I picked up a t-piece and some other thing, a cheap alloy barrel or something. The guy then said they came to my store credit, which was $25.
I just walked out, it was that or jump the counter and feed them to him. Will never go back to a store that employs a dickhead just flat out lies to your face like that.


Slightly off topic, but talking to an independent seller and repairer who’s local to me, I got the feeling he doesn’t have a high opinion of any of the major retailers… particularly with regard to their return policies.

Then again, they ARE his competition… he ain’t gonna talk 'em up anyway. :joy: Damn, his prices are cheap though. Works from home, so low overheads. He’s also been known to give surplus parts left over from customer upgrades away to his regular customers for nix.

My kinda guy! Around the corner too. :+1:


Off topic but how’s this for funny shit,
A mate went to his coal board medical today and has quite a few welts, he’d forgotten about them and reckons the nurses face was priceless when she went to examine him. He spent bathe next 5 mins explaining how he got them …


I do the same thing in Murray Bridge, and feel the same way about the major boys. Thing is, once you know what you are doing you realize just how much they overcharge for easily done repairs and upgrades. Kinda like the computer stores, preying on the unwary and uninformed. Happy hunting