Short motor shaft

Hey all , so Ive gone to have a crack at setting the pinion on the motor shaft so its all good on the bevel gear , and noticed the blue chi hai Im replacing the stock motor with has a slightly shorter shaft. Once the pinion is in place the shaft is still 1.4mm below the end of it. Is this too much gap?
It wont mesh with the bevel nice if the shaft is flush with pinion , and also the metal spacer from the stock motor wont fit like that.

Looks like the teeth on the nylon pistons are longer. Are metal bevel gears a bit smaller in diameter?

That is fine like that


Im pretty relieved ,I was thinking of filing the motor cage haha.

Hey you know how you can push the shaft slightly as it has play in both directions up n down , in operation does it stay in the ‘middle’ or move up etc?

It will also be fine :+1:


It will back out as far as the thrust washer in the motor will let it, so only a small degree…

If you are worried about the depth of the shaft into the gear, you can put a little red loctite on it.


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