Shortening a Gen 9

So I’m new here and I’m not sure if this is the right place for this, but oh well!

So I’ve recently began looking into shortening my Gen 9, as from the end of the receiver to the end of the barrel is incredibly long. Does anyone have any suggested inner and outer barrels as well as handguards?

welcome…you are definitely in the right place.

i have no real first hand hack and slack experience with your blaster but others here will definitely get you clued in.

in the mean time, float about and you’ll likely find the information you’re looking for.

what make / model blaster do you have?

I have a Jin Ming M4A1 Gen 9

you are soooo getting bombarded with information shortly :rofl:

maybe…give the lads an idea of what you want to achieve

there are many ways to mess with these things, some are better than others and some look better than others :slight_smile:

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I cut down my outer barrel with a hacksaw, cleaned it up. Pipe cutter for the inner barrel.

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