Shortest functional barrel length


So I have this idea to dramatically shorten the barrel of an AKM I have, and I was wondering how short you guys think I can make it before it becomes useless in practice.
For aesthetic/functional/fun purposes, I was thinking of shortening it to about 20cm length, but I can’t tell if that would just make it too inaccurate for any situation.

Any sort of ideas as to what length I can get away with would be great,

Oh for a minute I though you were going to say 100mm or shorter !
Lol 200mm is no problem with the correct cylinder volume to suit it :+1:

Well I’m just using the stock standard barrel that comes with the blaster, though I don’t know what size it is. Do reckon that would work?

You mean the stock cylinder?
It will work but if it has too much volume for such a short barrel you will lose both speed and accuracy

Ah okay, cool thanks