Should I get a GBB Pistol?

So recently I’ve been thinking of buying a gas blow back pistol but I was just wondering if you need to do a lot of maintenance to keep them working? Will I ever need to take of the slide or take it apart regularly or at all because I cannot trust myself with opening any gel blaster, even manual springers, just because I feel like I might lose something so are gas gel blasters for me or should I get something else?

Yes, you will need to maintain it, clean and relube, check the seals and springs, ideally between every use. Also check the valves and seals, etc on the mags.

Green gas generally has less maintinence

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if you arent confident enough to service your gbb pistol then i reckon you should stay away from them. they do require regular maintenance and service BUT having said that i would say to you ’ have a go mate’ its really not that difficult and there is so much available to you on the tube that can help you out…not to mention the tons of wisdom available on this forum. give it a crack or at least have a look at some service vids and see if you reckon you would be able to do it ,



GBBs are designed to be taken down for maintenance. They’re much easier than the electric blasters to service. But they do require more attention.

I prefer green gas blasters rather than CO2. They’re cheaper to run, and there’s a bit less energy going into the system when it cycles so I figure they’re a little more reliable in the long run.