Show us ya chest rigs boys!

Heres my chest rig,

All condor outdoor, full setup for 300 bucks wasnt bad, yes i know I dont need it but its good fun anyway.

Show us ya rigs and your blasters!



Condor MCR-4 with the hydration pack. More importantly the belt: spare gels and sunscreen in the SAW pouch :+1:t3:


Tan ACR … just waiting for a tracer unit for the faux silencer, also with a Gen 8 mag for some reason …


(I had a problem with the pictures that @Rattler helped me solve)

You’re a legend @Rattler!

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love the setup, ive got the vanquish carrier as well as the hydro carrier, great to use a backpack for storage

I just want a proper milsim game to come to fruition so I can really have some fun


Once all this Covid nonsense is over, I hope that Milsim East gets up and running again. I’ve never been, but I’m keen on the idea.

Best thing about the hydro carrier is I can put a backpack over it and it doesn’t ruin my back or shoulders. But if I couldn’t dump the backpack at a camp then I think the setup you have is a better idea - once you get the backpack straps over the chest rig and a Blaster sling riding over the whole lot it can be awkward until you learn you need to be able to let the sling out a lot further than when you’re not wearing all the kit!


Here is some of my favorite chest rigs… koolaid lick Drooling1

Sexy chest7


Light, Molle back to strap water packs or anything to, inner zip up horizontal opening large pockets(fits the largest frame pistols nicely). 6 AR/Aug mag pouches. Other utility pouches on ze chest, torch, map, 6 rnd shotbum shell holder, Nice and cool on those hot days. Had for several years now quite happy with it for everything I do.


The light Moll with wrap around lips sounds ok by me drooling9s


I actually would never run a chest rig because i felt it would affect my ability to go prone and also be hotter to skirmish with one. Besides my reloads are done with a speedloader and drums not with Magazines.

For actually playing I prefer just running the belt but if I need the rig to carry the water I figure I may as well have some pouches for mags, speed loaders and what have you. It’s really not too bad for going prone, not that I actually do that much, and it’s even better if you get the front opening type like @Maiphut has.

Still, so long as you have what you need and you’re comfortable :+1:t3:

I actually forgot to mention that i run a 3 point sling which would not be able to be used with a chest rig.

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Yeah, that’s a very good point - as cool as any one bit of kit is, it all has to work together!

Chest rigs look impressive no doubt, but i am not longer that young so im not in the best shape, i had to simplify my set up so i dont get weighed down by things that arent necessary or things i can play without

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Very nice rig man. And if you like it and Havin fun it’s worth it!

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