Show us ya current projects! Internal, External, post pics!

Just about finished my MK18 Mod 1 (just waiting on my ris ii handguard)

Currently working on the John Wick TTI TR-1. Currently waiting on scope, mount, and flash hider.

What y’all working on?


MK v2M 18:1 DSG :call_me_hand:t4:


The list is too long :confused:
Need to concentrate on one at a time :roll_eyes:

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Isn’t that mismatched colour of the Mag Base just gonna shit ya :grin: (Iv’e continued to look)
Nice work, since it looks like you’re all in with the TTI, and so far so fucking good, have you ordered a similar style Low Magnification Scope and matching Mount or have you swayed from target and gone your own way, either way, well done, and awaiting pics.

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Cheers! @SlingShot

Yeah got a random similar looking LPVO scope

, and
the proper Leupold mount and flash hider on the way.

And yeah, having trouble finding the titanium grey mag base, so grabbed a black one while they were still in stock at X force. Also having trouble finding the BCM rail covers in Wolf Grey at the end of the handguard :frowning:


On a whim, storm trooper cqb.

“Gold” paint is pink/gold flip paint. Really looks good in the sun

The white is that really light grey paint ive posted. So far its looking ok.


Ok, new question for you, what current project have you thrown the most money at? :rofl:

What buttstock do you think would top the look off well?

All of them :confused:
Probably the full metal Well/Titan/LDT Frankenstein build lately :thinking:

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Too lazy for pictures. I won’t state the current as it makes people angry.

But I do have a plan in the works. Internally I have everything except the mosfet. Externally I need an alpha tactical stock if I can ever find one in stock when I have the money and one of those em cannons. Running one of muthadrums drum mags it’s gonna be one hell of a sight.


Yeah but it will probably be the cheapest in the long run now u know what parts to use :rofl:

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Will just be the stock it comes with. Nothing fancy.

Might give it a dust of the flip paint, or the paint it white like the lower receiver.

Will wait until i put it together, really should wait for the paint to harden

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