Show us ya current projects! Internal, External, post pics!

Looks slick!
What’s that extra bit around the buffer tube where it meets the receiver?

That’s a cool handguard on the CASV, haven’t seen it before. Looks comfy to hold? haha

Sounds pretty beefy (for someone who doesn’t tinker with internals), have you chrono’d it?

Sling mount.


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Making a swordfish kit from 3D printed parts, mostly to see if it’s viable and to maybe tempt someone to buy this MP5 at some point because I have too many.


Nothing huge. Averaging about 270-275 with a 1.18 ausgel spring. Still to test with different gels to see what it likes

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It’s in my thread, my project at the moment but more to do yet :sweat_smile:


Oooft, looks great. I would personally put a buffer tube+stock for maximum tacticool :sunglasses:

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How many gels fit in that bad boy? Lol

2 litres :rofl:


New bellend for a custom guard. Inbuilt hopup as well :blush:


They look pretty slick, got any pictures of them installed?

A quick paint to dirty it up a bit :+1:


Not yet. These are the prototypes so will fit them up when they are all done.


Modified LDX split gearbox. Stainless cylinder. LDT nozzle. LDT T piece. CNC piston head, nylon piston body with 1 tooth short stroked metal rack. BJX 18:1 gears. Leviathan MOSFET. M125 spring. 35cm 7.2 mm ID GBA stainless barrel. Rizer R1 hop up. Tienly 35K motor.
WAT receiver. Troy Industries hand grip. Custom length outer barrel Aftermarket charging handle and mag release. Strike Industries hand guard and rear stock. Alloy folding buffer tube adapter.


That’s an interesting foregrip. Haven’t seen in it before, reminds me of the handle of a saw haha

Sounds like a lot of internal work, what’s the fps?

About 330. I think I’ll put a smaller spring (M100). To make it compliant.
The front grip is a design going back about 1 1/2 years ago. I just fitted a smaller one to cut back on weight a bit.

Sweet rig, nice specs, looks great, just for your interest the Grip isn’t a Troy Industries but a Battle Arms Development ATG, and without the A for Adjustable :smiley:

Thanks for correcting that oversight. Appreciate it. :wink:

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Looks awesome, dude. Starting a folding stock build now.
What connectors are those…? They look big. Do they sit on the outside, or can they be shoved inside the buffer?
Those kaks are heaps roomy, which helps a lot.
I plan on getting connectors, fuse, and deans in there, somehow…