Shs 13/1 gears?

Hey folks I’m about to start my second build using 13/1 shs gears and was wondering if I would need a delay chip? Any feed back is appreciated

That’s all depends on what piston, spring and motor your running

I have 12:1 shs with poly piston, 1.4 unequal and 39,000rpm chihai motor and I needed it but when piston cracked I replaced with shs alloy piston and then had to remove delay chip as I didn’t need it

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Thanks for the response Mr. Milkman I guess it’s gonna be lots of trial and error again

Pretty much. When talking to @Rowan_Ralph from RPM he attacks every build case by case.

What gearbox?

Sometimes you can utilise a delay chip to pull the tappet plate and nozzle back further. Then shave the other side down so there is actually no delay for the tappet and nozzle to seal.

I had 13:1 no delay chip, my sons APS box has 13:1 with delay chip to do the above.

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It’s a Kublai v2 box I’m going for a high rps short barrel cqb on this build

Milkman, how many RPS with that setup?
Short stroked at all?

Yer it is and it’s chrono is 310-330rps

Not wrong there bro it took me a while of that to get one of my blasters to where it’s at now