Shs m120 spring question in a alphaking 74m

Hi all was wondering if anyone has tried a m120 spring in a ak 74m alpha king red dragon gearbox just wondering im new to this and want to know if you think it would break this box im getting a metal gear box soon im running a bigdragon m160 hi speed high tqe motor 18"1 gears and is it a good idea to cut the m120 spring if its longer than the original spring that is in it or do you think the m100 spring would be better ???

i have a sort of equivalent to an m90 in my rx akm in the nylon box with the SHS HT and the first thing it did was rip one of the bearings out of its hole, ripped a tooth of my ladder and carved a groove into the gearbox where the bearing was taken out.

the gearbox, including the nylon one doesn’t seem to be rigid enough to handle the torque


Thanks for that might try the m100 instead is rx gearbox different or are they the same v3 gearbox just diferent colours ???

i have been pondering this myself…it would be nice to retain my current other bits and swap in a metal v3

but…i doubt that its a direct drop in…still, haven’t done sfa about finding out either.

Might try to reinforce it before i have a play withwith might break it might not time will tell cheers

The gear box in the alphaking is a v3 gearbox they call it the red dragon i think its different to the rx gearbox

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