Side saddle on an Alpha King M870

Recently bought one of these and waiting for it to arrive. Worried the pin holes won’t match exactly flush with those on the body of the M870… anybody already bought one and able to tell me if I’m gonna have any trouble?

You are now the test mule my friend.


Worst comes to worse you may need to slightly file 1 side of 1 hole.

That actually looks fairly decent tho , and looking like hex head bolts theres probably nuts on the other side? Better than pins maybe.
Also if they bolt up there might be a bit of play with the bolt in the hole , and the bolt may drop straight through the holes in the receiver unlike pins . Might help any differences in spacing .

Interested to see how you go.

Hows the shotty going? Ive had to stretch the oring on mine since .

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Yeah man going beautifully. I bought a strap and attached it with some swivels, and once I’ve got the side saddle on I’ll be attaching a Cmore scope and this shell holder to complement the fabric one I’ve got on the buttstock:


Only issue I’ve had is that the screws in the butt have worn down so I can’t remove them no matter what I try. Hoping not being able to remove the butt won’t stop me getting the side saddle on, cautiously optimistic.

That sux. Bit harder to get to aswell being sunken down in the rubber bit.
Could maybe drill out and try differsnt screws or fix some nuts inside and use bolts.

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Has anyone screwed a straight section of picatinny on top of their 870?

There’s one you can buy on Aliexpress specifically for the M870, but I wanted a side rail too hence why I got that side saddle.

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