Sight on shark pistol

Anybody know if its posibble to attach a little rmr trijicon red dot to the shark pistol? Would be pretty cool but not surr if it can be done

dont they attach to the rear of the slide once you remove the existing hardware and cover plate?


Having a look now it seems like that might be it! Ill have a muck around with it and see

pretty simple

rear sight is screwed in under from inside the slide and the plate is top mounted.

have at it :slight_smile:

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One I got from cool hobby’s just recently for my p1 came with the glock mount plate. It fits in the slot where the rear site goes


Bloody awesome thats too easy, thanks lads! Will post a photo when i eventually pick one of those red dots :slight_smile:

This is the one I got.

Took 2-3 weeks to get to me which I was happy with. FYI - They also have the tools for front sights of anyone is changing slides on a p1

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