Sighting in blaster

I have an eotech on a CYMA metal m4, i adjusted my sight to the lowest setting but the blaster is still shooting low. Is there anyway to sight in/ make the blaster shoot higher?

Hopup usually helps
Sights on blaster are more for looks tho, good luck trying to get a propwr zero :frowning:

A large part of it could also be how your holding the blaster. I know it sounds silly but a lot of people I’ve observed will hold my blasters wrong then complain about the sight being weird or they can’t find the sight at all.

Failing that it could be that the sight has been knocked off centre internally or your hip up isn’t adjusted right.

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Ive run into this issue as well, and ended up adding a shim (used a few layers of black electrical tape) to the rear half of the bottom plate of the underside of the eotech, leaving a little space just before the bar that slides into the picatinny. This gave me a more decently close sight at about 15-20m (with a hop-up). Not really a full-on solution, unfortunately as others have mentioned, it’s not realistic to get a truly ‘zeroed’ blaster.

You could also try to co-witness with Flip-up sights, if you have them…

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Shimming helps. I’ve had to.
What hop up, if any?

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Sometimes helps to shim the pic rail at one end if shimming the Eotech isn’t easy or practical too.

Every one of my scoped blasters needed some kind if shim or wedge to get the elevation right.

Yep and it’s why many hop ups now have a skid plate on the bottom, some are even adjustable upwards.

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I had to move the holo forward on my blaster to sight it in properly

Original position

Current position

And … as per some of the comments, and everyone telling you that it’s more looks than functionality with these things … mine actually worked really really well on the field this last weekend, especially when swapping to my left, but once you get used to looking past the site and focus on the target, the holo is just there, As long as I have the target inside the reticle, a gels hitting it.

Also, the parallax was pretty bad until I move the site down the blaster. That’s when you move your view, but the blaster hasn’t moved, and the holo moves off the target.

A red dot gives you a point of aim where if you fired a short burst of say 3-4 gels you’re basically guaranteed to hit your target at usual engagement distances like 30 metres. Definitely helpful. If you don’t have a hopup try one, otherwise get something similar to this which allows you to raise your sight further past where the lowest elevation sits. I’m sure these exist elsewhere and hopefully in better colours than rose gold, haven’t personally needed one.

Edit: Found some more options