SIGHTS & SCOPES, what would you like to see?

I have had a few customers ask me if I can get some good quality sights and scopes.

Let me know what you think

It’s all high end gear guys not the cheap mock crap

Guaranteed anything AS or GB is cheap mock crap. Those Eotech’s start at $500 USD and beyond for the real thing. Which is totally unnecessary for AS and even less so for GB.

In GB it’s just a case of what is really really cheap crap and what’s just mock … crap (less so the cheap). When it comes to sights it’s all aesthetic anyway.


elcan spectre
Trljicon ACOG TA11

both with red dots

oh and quick release mounts

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this is the actual manufacture guys so i know it will be way cheaper than that!

ill get some pricing soon but im just curious about the styles and what you guys think about the looks of these ones…

Variable optic with RMR backup

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Keep in mind these Elcan’s are big heavy optics


Yes indeed they are even the EOTECH knock offs are quite cumbersome.

The best Red dot I’ve come across for me on blasters is the knock off Docter Optic which was about $40 Ebay which I see is not very available now, but listed by pic above.

For blaster like the LH AUG that has only a section pic rail it is ideal. Most others I don’t bother as they have open sight capability. They just add weight, go flat, get snagged and not really my thing. The bare bones the better, each to their own it is your blaster that you tailor to your satisfaction :+1:


I’ve reverted back to these - low weight with uninterrupted field of view


Elcan Spector is for show on a metal blaster that is already too heavy to use in a game


Yea tried some of those too they are shit few bumps and they are OOA

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I just bought myself a knock off Sig Romeo 5. Looks pretty and FOV can’t be complained about.

Sights on gel blasters are more or less pure wank, though.


Yeh for sure, but it would be nice to have some quality stuff. The feel the look, sure the “features” are mock to a point but still works a little

Sticky out the side ones?

Not the best photo. But I tend to look through the side of the blaster rather than over the top.

Something like this Mabye.

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yes but they are nice some times we do shit that does not make sense
but what better than wank factor

what else needs to be said

the only remaining factor is price MASTR_BLASTR


Damn chrome doming like that, at least wear a beanie or use a texta and paint some cross hairs on it :laughing:


Whatever. I need it for my slick moves.

Any fool can do a knee slide.

This is the apex predator in the gellball world.


I’m the same, I cut the peak of a cap and wear that to stop my head getting sunburned :rofl::rofl::rofl:

A bald head is a sign of extreme intelligence, there is so much going on up there that if we had hair our head would overheat :+1:


Yeah. I normally run a do rag. But that one was indoors so I though stuff it.

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LOL I bet you guys think I have hair on my head :rofl:


Isn’t that you in your user name icon