Simple battery mod for a Vector

Hey guys, just thought I’d post this up here incase anyone was interested

The Vector doesn’t have a great lot of room for a battery plus bugger all room for anything else like an aftermarket mosfet if you wanted to instal one.

So I decided to try strapping the battery to the bottom of the handle area, in the same way you do with a quad when flying FPV. It does make the vector a little bulkier and I would of course rather have the battery concealed, but it just makes it so much easier to fit a good sized battery plus free’s up some useful space inside the handle area.

I had a few 1500 mah 4S battery’s laying around that each had a dud cell so worked out perfect. Also, being a little offset to the handle it is balanced nicely and not really in the way. Had a bit of trouble finding a female panel mount XT-60 connector but found a company in the US that sold them and didn’t take too long to arrive. My current set up has a homemade Mosfet in the handle but currently looking for a good programmable one.

I haven’t got the full black out kit yet so would probably look better with everything being black. The battery strap was from one I had laying around that coincidentally was the same orange.
Just used hot glue to secure the battery door to the blaster and doesn’t budge.

Here’s some pics:



Sure beats my ghetto electrical tape solution. Nice one!


Thanks! Makes for easier battery changes. The battery straps also have a rubber grip on the inside to hold everything in place.

Awesome. This is probably the best solution for gelsoft users who already use deans connectors. Coming from the FPV hobby, I got access to a heap of XT-60 batteries so that works best for me.

Since I replaced the butt stock with a buffer tube, I just wired my cables into my buffer tube and my batteries can now be much larger :slight_smile: easy and hidden.